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Magic & Monsters

Well here is another gem from another indie author, Magic & Monsters is a prequel novella to the upcoming Lore series, which has been described as being inspired by both Harry Potter and Star Wars. Sounds odd right? But it’s intriguing and so far done pretty well in this story.

Obidi is resourceful, sharp-witted, quick on his feet, and simply a funny and charming character, he definitely falls under the lovable rogue trope but I enjoyed his narrative. Our scrappy hero is a believer in magic, an art that is thought to have disappeared decades ago. An illusionist himself, he wishes for nothing more than for true magic to return to the universe. Despite the short length of this novella the story and characters are reasonably well developed and I got a good sense of the universe of the Lore series.

“Emptiness in my stomach, rocks on my back, and three credits in change. All in the name of doing what is right. The Universe has hustled me once again.”

Now there are a lot of names thrown around of races, planets, and a war without much context, so it can be a bit of information to take in though it didn’t hurt the story at all. It definitely teases of more to come in the full length novels. At the end of the story there is a funny historian’s account of the different races and their characteristics that gives more context to the names and events in the story. I appreciated that it is essentially an appendix but was actually entertaining and not a bullet list of terms.

I pulled a half star off of my rating because there were quite a few editing errors in this book that it became very noticeable, especially on the last page where the wrong character’s name appeared during a discussion about another character entirely. I always give a little slack to indie titles but the book could definitely use another once over to remove those last couple of errors and add that last bit of polish.

Despite my mild issues with the editing I really enjoyed this book overall. It was an adventure novella that was pure fun that was easy to read and immerse myself into. I liked the blend of magic and futuristic space fantasy and this novella definitely pushed me to pick up the first book in the series, The Cursed Girl, so I will definitely be continuing this series in the future. Kieran Song is a new talent to keep an eye on in the future.

Title: Magic & Monsters
Series: Lore Series #0.5
Author: Kieran Song
Publisher: Vellichor Publishing
Publication Date: August 7, 2017
Pages: 95
Format: Ebook
Source: Free / Mailing List

On most nights, the moths that eat street illusionist Obidi Seven’s tattered clothes have fuller stomachs than he. This will all change once he rescues Nora Leaf, wife of enigmatic billionaire Icarus Leaf, from her captivity by the monstrous Baron Stugart.

To do so, Obidi will have to put all his skills to the test and infiltrate the Baron’s castle, which is playing host to the Parliament of Magicians–a powerful inner circle responsible for the advancement of the mystic arts.

Obidi soon learns that nothing is what it seems as his rescue attempt turns into a blood-soaked conspiracy that will change the way he sees magic forever.

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