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19 Books I Want to Read in 2019

To welcome the new year, here are nineteen books that I intend to read in 2019! These books are in no particular order, and I want to read most if not all of these books over the course of the year.

1. Brave New World

I love dystopia, especially the classics and Brave New World is one of the big ones that I haven’t read yet. I have a paperback copy that a friend loaned me, but I also recently purchased a gorgeous edition from penguin as part of a set. Now that I have my own lovely hardcover I plan to finally read this book!

2. A Fair Maiden

Joyce Carol Oates is perhaps my new favorite author that I fell in love with last year. I read a handful of her short stories and I want to try one of her novels. A Fair Maiden is about a young girl that ends up posing for a much older children’s book author and inevitably ends up in a toxic relationship with him. I picked this book up during a kindle sale and the synopsis reminded me of Anne Rice’s Belinda.

3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has been on my TBR for ages, purely because of how much a few of my close friends loved the series. I haven’t watched any of the movies and know next to nothing about the books. I never picked it up since it isn’t my usual genre preference, but it was selected as the January 2019 pick for the Banned Book Club, so I figure it’s about time I finally sit down and read it just to see what the fuss is all about.

4. Lost You

I buddy read Haylen Beck’s Here and Gone in 2017 and absolutely loved it. I was surprised when I saw a new Beck novel on NetGalley and managed to pick up an ARC! It’s another psychological suspense novel about a mother and a missing child. I’m excited to read this book this year!

5. Shame is an Ocean I Swim Across

This was a bit of an impulsive insta-buy for me. When I saw the cover and read the first few pages I had to have the book! It’s a collection of poetry that explores themes of mental health and LGBTQ issues. The copy that I purchased sadly had some beer spilled on it, so there is now some damage on the dust jacket and pages. I plan to donate this copy once I’ve read it and may repurchase another copy if I end up loving it for my shelves. From what little I’ve read, though, I think that I’ll really enjoy reading this one heading into the new year.

6. Once Upon A River

I’m fairly certain that this is a book that everyone will be reading in 2019, I see it literally everywhere on everyone’s hotly anticipated releases. The premise just sounds so ominous: a drowned child comes back to life. I’m not sure what to expect with this book, but I currently have it on hold at my local library and am eagerly waiting for the book to come in.

7. How Long ’til Black Future Month?

A brand new collection of short stories by N.K. Jemisin, an Afrofutirist writer. It’s been a while since I’ve read any good science or speculative fiction, and I’ve been wanting to read Jemisin for quite some time. She’s a big name in science fiction and fantasy right now and so I figure a collection of short stories would be a nice introduction to her work. I spotted this new release at my library and had to pick it up.


8. The Girls at 17 Swann Street

Another early review copy that I am so happy that I was granted a chance to read. The Girls at 17 Swann Street is about a girl suffering from anorexia and her attempt at recovery in a home for girls with eating disorders. As someone that has struggled with anorexia for much of my life, I really wanted to pick this book up. It’s listed as women’s fiction so I’m hoping that it’s a feel good story.

9. The Handmaid’s Tale

This will be the only re-read on this list now that the sequel to this book has been announced for next September, The Testaments. I am very excited to see Atwood revisit Gilead and see where the story goes. The first time I read this book for a college class I fell in love, but never felt satisfied with any of the reviews that I had written. Now that a few years have passed many of the details are hazy, so I think it would be nice to re-read the book so I can write a proper review and refresh my memory for the sequel.

10. A Thousand Perfect Notes

A Thousand Perfect Notes is a young adult contemporary romance about a boy that loves music and the violent home that he comes from. It is the debut novel of fellow book blogger Cait from Paper Fury and the book has already gotten rave reviews from the book community. I’m excited to pick this book up, I just need to prepare myself for heartbreak judging by the synopsis.


11. Frankenstein

Another classic that I would like to get to this year, Frankenstein is one of the most well known monsters in horror lore. There have been several retellings of this story, including a brand new Junji Ito manga that I picked up recently. I want to read the original before I read any of the adaptations or retellings, so I definitely want to get to this one by the time Halloween rolls around.

12. Let Me Tell You

I’ve been loving Shirley Jackson and I want to make it a point to read through all of her books. So for 2019 I want to read Let Me Tell You, which is a collection of stories and essays that were mostly unpublished. I just love the cover and I’m curious to read some of her essays! I’m thinking this will be a nice summer read.


13. The Outsider

I had actually started this book last year and gotten perhaps about 1/4 of the way through the book before I had to return it to the library. It was one of my most anticipated books last year and the part of the book that I had read I was really enjoying. I intend on getting back in and finishing the book this time, and I’m excited since it’s been a while since I’ve read a King story, I always enjoy his work.


14. The Collector

This book is often hailed as the first modern psychological thriller and it’s a classic that I’ve been wanting to read for ages. I honestly don’t even remember buying an ebook on sale, but found that I owned it a few days ago, so I want to bump it up on my to read list and make it the big classic that I read this year. I expect a creepy good read!

15. The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

A little bit of professional development here! I know self help books aren’t the most exciting to see on these lists, but I can appreciate them once in a while. I picked up a review copy of this book from NetGalley to help me now that I’ve been working in an office at a university for almost a year. While my office is pretty relaxed and friendly I know that I am not the most social person, I have difficulty talking to colleagues, and I’ve butt a few heads around the office. I really enjoyed Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, and so I thought it would be nice to check out this book and see if I can pick up a few tips on how to soften my tone at work.


16. Sadie

A YA mystery thriller about a girl out to avenger her sister’s death. I received a physical ARC of this book from the publisher last summer and I am so ashamed that I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, it’s one I keep meaning to get to but life got in the way last year. I plan on getting to it in the upcoming month this year, though, and am quite excited as this book got a lot of favorable reviews.


17. The Paper Wasp

A literary piece about two friends, an obsessive jealousy and desire to rise to greatness. It sounds like a really intriguing novel and the cover is to die for. I was granted an early review copy of this book on NetGalley and so I’m hoping to get to this book before the June 2019 publication date!


18. Cross Her Heart

This was a completely random library pick up, I spotted it in the new release section and was drawn in by the cover and synopsis. A single mom running from a dark past as she tries to protect herself and her teen daughter. The book description sounds ominous and sounds like a great thriller to start the year off with!

19. Whispers From The Moon

My obsession with poetry continues, this one a review copy I was granted from NetGalley. I found the title and the cover really eye catching and am happy to pick it up. The author is from rural Israel and is the founder of an organization that empowers girls in the Middle East which is wonderful!


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  1. I just read The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo last year because my best friend insisted on it. And it was good. If you’re a mystery thriller fan, it’s quite formulaic but still quite exciting to read 🙂
    I really hope to read Brave New World this year! It’s been there on my wish list since I discover it in 2017.
    czai recently posted…Non-Bookish Post: 3 Things from 2018My Profile

    1. That’s good to hear about Dragon Tattoo! The opening really drew me in, I really enjoyed the writing style. During the first chapter about the libel case and financial talk I got a little bored, but I have no doubt it’ll pick up. Just a matter of finding the time to read with grad school starting! I’m hoping to finish, if not get most of the way through the book by the end of the month.

  2. I might have to check out How Long ’til Black Future Month. I love short stories, I think sometimes they are more challenging for an author to write, coming up with a complete and satisfying story with less pages.

    My goal is to work my way through a lot of the saved books from my library app. I am also interested in the Shirley Jackson collection. I wonder what the essays are about.
    Jennifer recently posted…New Year- New Goals 2019My Profile

    1. I’m curious about what the essays are about also, I’ve only read one short essay where she talked about how she came up with The Lottery and the public reaction to it, very sharp wit. I feel the same and honestly prefer short stories over longer novels sometimes. It is definitely an entirely different art and I’ve seen some authors of regular novels attempt to write short stories and it is clear that they still try to add detail that would go into a longer story, but end up being under developed for the format.

  3. I loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and thought that The Handmaid’s Tale and Brave New World were both excellent (especially the science elements in Brave New World were amazing considering the publication date). So far, all the books I plan to read are older ARCs or books I won, but I will hopefully get to read some more from my TBR pile too.
    ~Litha Nelle

    1. That sounds exciting! I have so many old ARCs to get to, and wish I had more time and energy to read. With school though I think this year is going to be another slow reading year for me. Glad to hear you enjoyed some of the books I plan on reading, makes me feel more optimistic about picking them up!

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