About Me

About Me

My Name is Jamie.
I have a bachelor’s degree in history and psychology.
I dream of someday getting my masters in library science.
I am a mother of two wonderful little girls.
I love to read and play video games.
My favorite genres are horror, dystopia, thrillers, classics, and historical fiction.

About the Blog

The Last Page is a book blog where I share reviews and other miscellaneous musings about the books that I read. My tastes are kind of eclectic and I cover a wide range of books in different genres. This project is a revival of a previous book blog I ran. I’ve since reorganized the website, made a better schedule for myself, and rewritten a few of the reviews.

I love both ebooks and physical books, preferably hardcovers. In the case of ereaders I have a Kindlel Oasis that I love and swear by.

For the sake of transparency I’ll note that this blog is monetized via the vendor links at the end of each review. Picking up books with those links helps me a ton and goes toward paying for my web hosting. I appreciate any and all of my readers for their continued support, thank you.


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