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    I am so happy that this collection has been brought over to English, Smashed is another phenomenal collection by the talented Junji Ito. This volume combines two story collections, Yami no Koe and Shin Yami no Koe Kaiden. I had read the first of the two several years ago and enjoyed it, rating the book with four stars. I had always meant to read the second, and so I was pleased that this edition included both. I didn’t mind re-reading the stories that I had read previously, as Ito’s work is always a joy to re-read. “You wanted to see the haunted house this late at night? You got some…

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    Henshin no News

    Henshin no News is a collection of one shot stories that explore human relationships and loneliness. It is an extremely experimental slice of life manga that comes to life due to Miyazaki’s unusual art style and expert storytelling in a relatively small package. “It’s only when it’s time for goodbyes that I finally come to like everyone.” Like most manga in the slice of life genre, many of the situations that the characters deal with are relatively mundane, but what sets this manga apart is that there is this element of the fantastical that removes the stories and the characters from reality. At times bordering on being absurd, Miyazaki weaves…

  • Monthly Review

    Monthly Review – May 2019

    I feel like I’m really starting to break my reading slump and now that I’ve had to read so much for school it has made me hungry to read non-academic texts for pleasure. I cut through a few new manga series that I really enjoyed, and have started reading a highly anticipated dystopia novel I managed to get an ARC for that has kept me engaged despite the ups and downs. I had struggled for over a year now to stay focused on books and ended up picking up so many and not finishing them and it had started to stress me out. Besides that, May has been extremely mentally…

  • Tackling My TBR

    Tackling My TBR #2

    So my TBR is…. massive to say the least. I thought that it’d be nice to create a series that expands on my “reading next month” section of my monthly review posts. I think that this will help keep me focused and motivated to read specific books. So for this post series I will be choosing five books from my pile to read, and will update with a new post once my five have been completed. This time around I decided to put library check outs on hold for a while and focus only on ARCs and books that I have personally purchased. Title: The Grace Year Author: Kim Liggett…

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    Metamorphosis is one of the most notorious hentai manga out there and for a while it seems like everyone was talking about it, and for good reason. Henshin, otherwise known as Emergence is the story of a nerdy young girl’s high school debut going horribly, terribly wrong, and that’s a generous way to put it. It is the classic story of the messy path to adulthood in a vile, modern society and it is told in an oppressive grimdark style. “I suddenly realized how much I had grown to hate myself.” Saki is a naive young girl that just wants to fit in, and finds herself drawn into a world…


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