• YA Contemporary Book Reviews

    As Simple as Snow

    As Simple as Snow is a young adult coming of age story about an average teenage boy and his brief and turbulent relationship with his goth girlfriend, Anna. The book is labeled as a mystery but I honestly don’t see it that way. In fact, I think that this book is hideously mismarketed as a mystery novel. Galloway himself ran a website for a while where he interacted with readers and would give them further clues to the “mystery.” It has been over a decade and there hasn’t been any real answer to what happened to Anna. The reason why was that the mystery was never meant to be solved,…

  • Tackling My TBR

    Tackling My TBR #1

    So my TBR is…. massive to say the least. I thought that it’d be nice to create a series that expands on my “reading next month” section of my monthly review posts. I think that this will help keep me focused and motivated to read specific books. So for this post series I will be choosing five books from my pile to read, and will update with a new post once my five have been completed. If They Come For Us Author: Fatimah Asghar Genre: Poetry, Asian American Source: NetGalley an aunt teaches me how to tell an edible flower from a poisonous one. just in case, I hear her…

  • Monthly Review

    Monthly Review – November 2018

    Goodness November has been a busy month! I managed to read a few books, though most of my reading time has gone to reading chapters for classes. I decided that it’s time to switch back to a once a week posting schedule to accommodate my current schedule, so I won’t have as much pressure to read and write as much and can keep the blog active. I’ve completed 64 out of my 70 book goal for this year, so it’ll be a close finish in December I think trying to complete those last 6 books! I am almost finished with a book I’ve been reading since the summer, and I…

  • YA Contemporary Book Reviews

    The Place Between Breaths

    Grace, in turn, does her part, interning at the lab in the gene sequencing department daring to believe that one day they might make a breakthrough…and one day they do. Grace stumbles upon a string of code that could be the key. But something inside of Grace has started to unravel. Could her discovery just be a cruel side effect of the disease that might be taking hold of her? And can she even tell the difference? I expected this book to be a quick read and while the writing style is engaging I ended up taking my time to absorb this novel to try and understand the events that…

  • Graphic Novel Reviews


    My this is one of the most magical graphic novels I’ve read perhaps ever. Watersnakes is a dark fantasy about a lonely girl that meets and falls for a mysterious girl named Agnes.The two share in mischief and it isn’t long before Mila finds out that there is something strange about Agnes. She finds herself embroiled in a battle between the Earth and the sea. “I can hear the children of the storm calling for their king.” The story starts slow and I had some difficulty getting into the rhythm at first but it is absolutely worth the patience of getting through the first chapter. The creatures in the novel…


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