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Becoming Violet

Kacey Jones is your average young adult working and going to college while saving to go onto university with her friends. She has these recurring nightmares that haunt her and one morning after waking up she realizes she’s not so average after all.

When I went into this book I actually had no idea exactly what to expect because the original synopsis was extremely vague and didn’t give much hint as to what the story was about. I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be a vampire novel, the more monstrous kind too.

The pacing at the start of the novel was pretty good, it set the stage nicely for the plot. The writing could have used a little bit of work and there was a lot of comma splicing. In general it’s not bad for a first novel, but there is definitely room for improvement.

“I woke up the next morning with a start, squinting at the sun in my eyes. At least that’s what I thought it was. When I stood up, I went to grab a towel to go for a shower, and that’s when I noticed. My hand, it was, well, lit up like a frigging spotlight.”

As Kacey’s powers came to light the pacing sped up almost too quickly for my taste. I would have liked for there to be more character development on Kacey’s part because in general she was just a little flat, all of the characters are really. Everything was just too perfect. Kacey is a bit of a Mary Sue–she finds out that she’s pretty gosh darn powerful and she faces little to no adversity for almost the entirety of the book, it takes a while for any real antagonist to appear.

This is the type of story that really needs some build up, and I felt that I didn’t get much of that at all. I think this book had some good ideas and it definitely has potential, but I feel like it fell back on a lot of tropes. The story started to get predictable after a while which was a real let down. The ending picks up a bit and sets things up for a sequel, but I’m not sure if there is a sequel coming at this point.

As for the story, well, I’m just not that into paranormal romance, so it was unfortunate that the genre just wasn’t to my preference. I think that this book could appeal to fans of the genre looking for a quick and spicy read.

Title: Becoming Violet
Series: Violet #1
Author: Elouise Field
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: January 23, 2014
Pages: 144
Format: Ebook
Source: Review Request

Kacey’s life is thrown out of balance, she is ripped from her home in a desperate bid to keep safe. She has to learn to fight, to protect herself, learning things about herself she’d never dreamed possible along the way. Discovering a whole new race of people would be hard to cope with, but even worse is the discovery of who her enemy is. Kacey has no choice but to grow up, and fast. The Vampires won’t stay off her back for long, but maybe, with a little help, she can stay alive.

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