Rating System

I judge work based on how much I liked it and how much literary merit I feel that it deserves. I also typically comment on grammar and other technical writing issues. Some reviews may have half ratings since I have a hard time placing some books. While a book that has say a 2.5 for me I may not “like” necessarily, it still earns some brownie points for a solid writing style.


5 Rating “I love it”
Only for either my absolute favorites or books that are extremely high quality. Would recommend in a heartbeat and I would happily read more books by the same author.

4-4.5 Rating “I really like it”
Good quality books that I thoroughly enjoyed but I wouldn’t call it a favorite. Definitely recommend and would read more books by the same author.

3-3.5 Rating “I like it”
Book that I enjoyed and find it to be decent overall. Good books will end up with only a three if I find issues with formatting and editing, or if it just doesn’t end up a real page turner for me. Would probably recommend to specific people and would consider reading more books by the same author.

2-2.5 Rating “It’s okay”
Not terrible, but not good either. Books that end up with a two have issues with editing, historical inaccuracies, or if I just found that I didn’t enjoy it that much. I would probably not recommend it but would consider reading more books by the same author.

1-1.5 Rating “I don’t like it”
Books that I just don’t like at all. Primary reasons would probably be because I don’t like the story or the writing is atrocious and in need of a copy editor. Would never recommend and would not read more books by the same author.

0-0.5 Rating “Don’t waste your time”
After slogging through several books that I flat out hated, I’ve started doing myself a favor and just shelving books that I just can’t stand. I typically try and read at least 50% of a novel before I give up. It takes A LOT for me to shelve a book, and I may consider writing brief reviews to address major issues or in the very least warn others to stay away. A 0 indicates a book that I did not finish, while a 0.5 are for ones that I did finish, but dearly wish that I hadn’t.


A sizeable portion of the books I read and review come in the form of advanced reader copies granted to me from publishers. This does not sway my views and my reviews are 100% my opinion. I thank all of the authors, publishers, and publicists that have given me the opportunity to read some wonderful books. I always post my sources on reviews for transparency purposes.

As always, take my reviews with a grain of salt. I’m no book expert and everyone has different tastes. Even if I give a book a poor review it does not necessarily mean that the book is horrible, it just means that the book did not work for me personally.