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    Bookish Naughty List Book Tag

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday and that most have some time off from school or work to enjoy a little rest. Well I’m about to get called out this Christmas but I feel like I’ve been pretty terrible about reading and blogging this year. Between starting a new job, a new relationship, and a new degree program I did not read and write nearly as much as I had planned to. It’ll be interesting to see how things went this year but I know that things aren’t looking too good fam. I spotted this adorable tag on Paper Fury, and…

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    End of the Year 2018 Book Tag

    My goodness this year has flown by fast, we’re already almost halfway through December! I didn’t realize until I started seeing the end of the year book tags start rolling out, so I figured I should write one as well. I spotted this tag on Reader Voracious, Kaleena has a wonderful blog that you all should check out! ARE THERE ANY BOOKS YOU STARTED THIS YEAR THAT YOU NEED TO FINISH? There are quite a lot of books that I put back on my shelf, mostly due to reading slumps and library due dates. I got to around the halfway mark for these books and so I want to make…

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    Book Confessions Book Tag

    I really enjoy doing these book tags, and I found another one that seemed like fun! I was not tagged for this one but I spotted this tag over at Books and Geekiness, so do give her a visit and drop some love! 1. Which book, most recently, did you not finish? I’d gotten to the 1/3 mark in this book and honestly I haven’t been able to pick it back up. The story is interesting and I like the commentary about the darker side of Otaku and the idol industry, but the content of the novel is so disgustingly gorey that it got to be too much for me.…

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    NetGalley Book Tag

    Oh NetGalley, every book blogger’s best friend and probably large source of anxiety if you’re like me and fall behind on your reviewing! I was not tagged by anyone in particular but saw this tag on Engross in a Good Book and decided that I would like to do it as well! 1. Auto-Approved: Who’s one author whose books you automatically want to read, regardless of what they’re about? I won’t default to my favorite author for this one since I’ve talked about her extensively in previous posts, so I’ll choose an author I discovered through NetGalley! I began my book journey with Eliza Maxwell after being granted an ARC…

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    Mid-Year Freak Out 2018 Book Tag

    I’m a little late to the party on this one, but better late than never! I was not tagged by anyone in particular but saw this tag on Aimee, Always and decided that I would like to do it as well! 1. The Best Book You’ve Read this Year There are very few books that I would re-read but the prose was so beautiful in Heart Berries that I actually plan on picking up a copy to re-read it again in the future. Mailhot’s story is heartbreaking but also incredibly relatable on many levels. I blazed through this book in two days and couldn’t put it down, I had pages…


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