• Historical Romance Book Reviews

    To Pleasure a Prince

    I was actually pretty damn excited for this one. I read the Royal Brotherhood books out of order, this one being the last that I got around to reading. When I read the synopsis I was all over it! I love Beauty and the Beast type stories and I found Marcus charming. He despises people and parties, he’s competitive, strong willed, protective and unafraid of social consequences – but deep down he still has a soft side and treats the women in his life like queens. It’s your classic story of the gorgeous and witty socialite that falls for the aloof but handsome bad boy with a dark past. Regina…

  • Historical Romance Book Reviews

    Scandal at Dawn

    Since this book is a novella it doesn’t give the characters quite as much time to develop, which was a shame because I liked most of them. I had a difficult time believing in Adrian’s affections for Olivia. Not that there was anything wrong on Olivia’s end, her being swept up by a gentleman made perfect sense to me, and she’s a wonderful and sweet main character. Adrian is supposed to be a reformed rake, which is well and good, but he puts his hands on her within a half hour of meeting. Their entire romance consists of him bombarding her with gifts for a couple of days before jumping…

  • Historical Romance Book Reviews

    When the Scoundrel Sins

    Wow, is it hot in here? I think I need to open a window because my goodness was this a steamy read. When the Scoundrel Sins is the second book in the Capturing the Carlisles series and it is certainly a hot and heavy romance. The characters definitely have a lot of chemistry, the strong-willed bluestocking meeting her match with an impish rakehell. I loved the sass and teasing between the characters throughout the novel that kept their romance sizzling, straddling that line between childhood friends and potentially something more. I was extremely happy with how the book discussed marriage, and in particular a pesky piece of common law called…

  • Historical Romance Book Reviews

    What To Do With A Duke

    When it comes to historical romance, I look for one of two things: one, a compelling love story with some scenes that make me blush and fan myself; or two, a light and fluffy clean romance, sometimes with a touch of humor. What I demand from all historical romances is for both the romance and the setting to be believable. I’ve started to wonder if my standards are too high. When I went into this book, with the cute cover and hints at a curse, I figured this one might fall on the fluffy side of the spectrum (the cat on the cover may have influenced this assumption). I was…

  • Historical Romance Book Reviews

    An Eccentric Engagement

    So this was a bit of a non-traditional romance as it takes place after the courtship. Sorrow and Bertram are engaged to be married and the two return to Sorrow’s country home for the wedding. The two are very clearly in the early stages of excitement over a new relationship, stealing kisses and admiring each other — the “puppy love” stage. Neither of the two truly love each other but are already prepared for marriage. The actual romance was more told than shown and it unfortunately just didn’t work for me. The romantic aspect seemed to take a back seat to the other two major plot lines: Sorrow’s altruistic family…


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