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    Gwendy’s Button Box

    What a fast and fun little read, Gwendy’s Button Box takes a unique spin on the wish trope and the powerful burden of choice. Young Gwendy is presented with a mysterious gift, a button box with different colored buttons and levers, the functions of which are unknown. She is given ownership of this box by a mysterious man whose intentions are unclear and whose presence seems to haunt her everywhere she goes. Now the story is a little predictable, anyone that is familiar with the wish trope will know some of the themes that go along with it. It is also made immediately apparent who one of the main antagonists…

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    The Lottery and Other Stories

    If there is one story that Shirley Jackson is most famous for it is The Lottery, which has been heavily studied, picked apart, and caused so much notoriety that it has completely overshadowed Jackson’s other short stories. It’s a shame really, because the collected works in this book are simply brilliant, there wasn’t a single story that I disliked. As the reader engaging in these stories, you’re not presented with visceral depictions of horror or terrifying monsters beyond human comprehension. Instead readers are given a window into a kind of horror grounded in reality. The reader is instilled with the same sense of discomfort, distrust, and paranoia that the characters…

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    The Dead House

    The Dead House is a chilling ghost story about a young woman’s descent into madness as she’s swallowed up by the wild Irish countryside. The prose in this novel is absolutely beautiful and paints a stunning picture of a land that is unsettling, the countryside gives the impression of being stuck in time, still deeply connected to Celtic tradition. The land is haunted by the tragedy of the Great Famine, in which over a million people died of disease and starvation. When I had read that there was a ouija board in the synopsis I’ll admit that I rolled my eyes. I quickly found that I was mistaken in my…

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    The Perfect Nanny

    I really struggled to put my thoughts together on this book, partially because The Perfect Nanny was not what I had expected and one of the more unique stories I’ve ever read. I feel that it is mis-marketed as a mystery thriller when it was neither, to me this is a horror novel through and through. I think I would have liked this book better if I had known this beforehand. The plot is slow and very intense as a portrait of Louise is formed from the point of views of other characters and their interactions with her. It occurred to me after a time that the shifting narration was…

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    The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury

    The Governor saga continues in The Road to Woodbury. We are introduced to a brand new protagonist, Lilly Caul, and her experience through the apocalypse that eventually leads her and her band of misfits to the town of Woodbury as it is being developed with a new chain of command. This book does an excellent job of providing some more background information as to how Woodbury became the dreaded town that it is and we see the after effects of the events from Rise of the Governor. The character of The Governor begins to take shape and become the more familiar villain Walking Dead fans know so well. Sadly I…


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