• Monthly Review

    Monthly Review – February 2019

    February has been a rough month with the flu going around. I’m hoping that things will pick up in the Spring as things warm up and I can hopefully move. I have one more week for this first Spring session and will have a short break before the second session starts. I am so excited to have a little more free time to read! I ended up purchasing quite a few books this month but at a very steep discount. I had gone with my fiance to purchase a used desk from a kind lady from Amazon, and while there I found that she had several books for sale marked…

  • Monthly Review

    Monthly Review – January 2019

    Goodness the New Year came and went so fast, where did January even go!? I thought the Fall enrollment rush was wild, Spring was just as busy! I got the surprise of my life at work when I was called into my director’s office this month! While I know I had been performing well at work in terms of meeting goals, I know that I have a lot of areas I need to work on, particularly with script adherence and interdepartmental relations. I just about had a heart attack when they offered me a raise, and I hadn’t even been employed there for a full year! My coach has also…

  • Monthly Review

    Monthly Review – December 2018

    We’ve finally reached the end of the year! I’m happy to report that 2018 was a far better year than 2017, and I’m ending the year on a happy note. 2018 brought a lot of changes in my life! A new career, graduate school, a good relationship, and the courage to file for divorce after waiting out my one year separation period. I feel that I’ve changed a lot as a person and for the better, I’ve become happier and more confident in myself, and I look forward to good things. I’m a little apprehensive for 2019, as I’ll have some more big changes coming in my life, including a…

  • Monthly Review

    Monthly Review – November 2018

    Goodness November has been a busy month! I managed to read a few books, though most of my reading time has gone to reading chapters for classes. I decided that it’s time to switch back to a once a week posting schedule to accommodate my current schedule, so I won’t have as much pressure to read and write as much and can keep the blog active. I’ve completed 64 out of my 70 book goal for this year, so it’ll be a close finish in December I think trying to complete those last 6 books! I am almost finished with a book I’ve been reading since the summer, and I…

  • Monthly Review

    Monthly Review – October 2018

    Goodness October has been a busy month and I’m sort of glad for it. I have gotten back into the short story reading kick thanks to Amazon’s Dark Corners Collection and found a new love for Joyce Carol Oates, who I think will easily become one of my favorite writers. I also began my graduate classes this past Monday and I am so unbelievably excited and nervous! I spent last weekend trying to work ahead in some of my classes, so hopefully I can juggle my work, school, and personal life. It’s been three years since I’ve been in school so I’ll need to freshen up a bit. I’ll probably…


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