• Science Fiction Book Reviews

    The Remedy

    This little short surprised me in some ways. It follows the story of a man that suffers from physical pain without any cause that can be pin pointed in medicine. He has tried every kind of doctor and therapy out there to try and alleviate his symptoms to no avail. The protagonist eventually stumbles on a highly exclusive, incredibly expensive, and extremely secretive form of therapy that promises a cure to his ailment. What follows is what I found to be a wonderful philosophical exploration on the nature of illness and the feelings of helpless that come along with it. It is not uncommon for those suffering from some form…

  • Science Fiction Book Reviews

    The Invincible

    This book takes a completely new twist on evolution and the fight for survival. The group that is the most advanced will win, hasn’t that been the lesson from our own human history? Let me tell you man, I always find the insects that swarm in the present day pretty scary, the ones in The Invincible take it to a whole new level. It is truly horrific and kind of amazing the capabilities of this mysterious swarm, but at the same time the malevolence you typically get from any story is missing. It’s easy to hate something that is out to get our heroes because of some desire to do…

  • Science Fiction Book Reviews

    The Martian

    A lone scientist finds himself left behind on planet Mars with limited supplies and no rescue in sight. Add in a dash of humor and The Martian is a fun science fiction adventure and it is no surprise that this book was wildly popular upon release. The book does well explaining the science behind many of the things that Watney does to survive, making this a good solid hard science fiction book that would please fans of the genre. Throughout the story, many of the technical details of Watney’s attempts to survive, which can be intimidating or a bore for some readers, but with the added humor to the narration…


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