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    Lies She Told

    I have a serious issue with book descriptions that feel like they give away too much of the plot and it was definitely the case with this book. I had a feeling I knew how the book would go from reading the synopsis alone and I was fairly sure of my prediction not even halfway through the book. The story is extremely predictable, even with the author’s attempts to throw the reader off the trail, and that sort of ruins half the fun of reading a mystery novel. Even without reading the synopsis the story is still fairly easy to guess, but it might not be the case for everyone…

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    Into the Water

    Mystery can be a difficult genre to write. An author needs to strike a good balance between giving clues while not making things too predictable and adding twists that make sense but are not there merely for shock value. Now see, this book is marketed as a mystery thriller, and while it definitely follows the usual format and has some thrills near the end, as a mystery novel it falls a little flat. Both the perpetrator and the red herrings meant to throw readers off are extremely obvious and it’s easy to guess many of the twists in the novel well ahead of time. I realized pretty quickly that the…

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    Not a Sound

    Before I begin this review, let me start by saying that service dogs are awesome. Dogs in general are awesome but this book is a prime example of why service dogs are absolutely amazing and deserve all of the love and praise for all that they do. The story follows Amelia, a former ER nurse left deaf after a horrible accident that is struggling to get her life back together. I greatly appreciated how delicately the subjects of disability, depression, and alcoholism are handled in this book. Amelia is both a sympathetic character and an admirable one, actively learning how to carry on and create a new life for herself…

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    It’s Always the Husband

    This book wasn’t quite what I was expecting, and it was both good and bad. The first half of the book was less mystery and more college drama about three friends that were more frenemies. Each of the three girls came from different social classes and the lines are clear: the rich bad girl, the middle class good girl with big ambitions, and the poor imitator trying desperately to fit in. The three women stumble into a toxic friendship full of drug fueled parties, romantic betrayals, and severe mental instability. Each girl’s personality was multifaceted and pretty well fleshed out, their story was intoxicating and incredibly unhealthy. I actually really…

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    The Readymade Thief

    Well this book is certainly interesting, so much so that I still don’t fully know what to make of it. The Readymade Thief is a love letter to Marcel Duchamp, a French-American artist that became famous in the early twentieth century for his influence on conceptual art. He is most famous for his readymades, manufactured pieces that he turned into art. His stance on what constituted art is an idea that could be applied to the novel. “An ordinary object elevated to the dignity of a work of art by the mere choice of an artist.” It’s art if the artist says that it is art. There are connections if…


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