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    Top Five Most Anticipated 2019 Releases

    A new year coming means that there will be a bunch of brand new 2019 releases to be excited for! I really enjoyed looking up and writing a post for this in Januar and I wanted to do another post for next year. Working on this list got me really hyped for several books that weren’t on my radar at all, so I’m very happy to share this list with you all! Descendant of the Crane A Chinese-inspired fantasy? Hello sign me up! The cover for this book is one of the most marvelous I’ve seen in a long time and it instantly caught my eye. The story follows a…

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    Top Five Romance Genres I Avoid

    I know that readers can be really divided about romance – it’s a genre that falls prey to repetitive tropes and you’re almost guaranteed some semblance of a happy ending. For those that enjoy romance novels, that last part is one of the things that I enjoy most about romance. I like picking up a romance novel once in a while for a feel good read, and I’m an especially big fan of historical romance. However there are many genres of romance that I have absolutely no interest in and actively avoid. Keep in mind that this is my own personal preference, so if a genre on this list is…

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    Top 5 Disappointing Books

    So I do a lot of top 5’s for favorite books, so I thought I’d do something a little different. This will definitely border on “unpopular opinion” territory as I know some of the books on this list have a fervent fan following. The books on this list are ones that I went into with some pretty high expectations, whether due to reviews or because the synopsis just sounded so amazing, and came out feeling really underwhelmed or disappointed. Beasts Made of Night Author: Tochi Onyebuchi Themes: Young Adult, Fantasy My Rating: 1★ I was honestly so excited when I was granted an early review copy of this novel. A…

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    Top 5 Favorite Poetry Books

    I’ve really taken a dive into the world of poetry this year and it’s been thankfully more love than hate. As someone that greatly disliked poetry in the past, I’m very happy that I’ve found a few poets that I really enjoyed and feel that I have a decent list for readers both new to poetry or already well acquainted with them. They’re quick to read and a great palette cleanser between long novels. So I decided to share the love and talk about some of my favorite poetry books that I’ve read this year, I hope you all enjoy and can find a few new books to add to…

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    Top Five Reasons I Won’t Read A Book

    There are several things that turn me off to a book before I even get to the first page. I try not to be too judgmental, but I can only read so many books in a year and so I have my own way of picking out which ones I want to take the time to read. There is an absolutely insane number of books published every year (according to Forbes, in the United States alone roughly 600,000 to 1 million) which means there are a lot of books I need to sort through to find the right ones. Between sales, giveaways, publisher distribution sites like NetGalley and Edelweiss, and…


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