Fable & Black Literary Lucky Dip Unboxing

Fable & Black is a UK-based store that offers literary inspired stationary and other gifts. The Literary Lucky Dip box is a £10 box that advertises that it will include at least £20 worth of random items from the Fable & Black store.

To find out more, you can check them out at www.fableandblack.co.uk.

I won my very first Lucky Dip box as part of a giveaway package from Anniek and Suze of With Love for Books. They run a fabulous book blog with tons of giveaways so definitely check them out and give them some love!


Alice in Wonderland Bookmark

I can never say no to another bookmark and I like the classic Alice in Wonderland artwork used on this design. I’m also glad that of the Alice set that Fable & Black offers that I got Alice over the other ones.

Alohomora Print

I love Harry Potter so I was excited to receive this art print, I like the simple and clean design. I think this print would definitely look nice framed and plan to keep it.

Books Key Chain

I didn’t actually like the design for this key chain but I decided to put it on my backpack anyway. I have since regretted it since it is cheap and makes a ton of noise every time it moves. It is just all around big, clunky, and seems a little cheap and I don’t care for it.

Bookworm Sticker

I really liked this sticker, it has a nice design and was a good size. I put it on my laptop and unfortunately the color is quickly fading, I had placed it where my wrist rests so it could be getting rubbed off. This isn’t the worst thing in the world but I am a little disappointed that it hasn’t lasted that long.

Eat Sleep Read Pin

Similar to the key chain, the pin is low quality and I don’t really dig it. I had put it on my library bag and it’s just huge and makes a ton of noise. I can’t expect much from a pin, but it could’ve been better I think.

Lord of the Rings Notebook

This is an excellent Tolkien quote and I like the print. It’s a simple notebook with blank pages with no lines, folded in half and stapled in the middle for a pamphlet style notebook. I’ve kept it on my desk for jotting down quick notes so I’m happy to have it.

Queen of Hearts Coaster

This is easily my favorite item in the box and the one that I have gotten the most use out of. It is relatively light weight and made of plastic, but for the most part I don’t have issue with it coming up with my drink unless there is a lot of condensation on the glass.

Box Review

Box Value
After totaling all the items in my box and and taking into consideration that the bookmark and coaster were taken from sets, the value comes to around £20 exactly, so the box definitely fulfilled it’s promise.

Are these items I’d buy?
Yes and no, they are all nice stationary items that I have already started to use, especially the Queen of Hearts coaster. On my own I might not have picked up these specific items for myself but I’m still quite happy to have them.

Would I order again?
If this was a US based box I probably would buy another one on a whim, especially if I were looking to decorate my office. However since this is a UK box the shipping cost is a discouraging factor for me.

Final Thoughts
Overall I’m decently happy with the box, I think that it is a really nice gift idea for bookworms that seem to already have every book they could ever want. Everything I received is decent quality and have a variety of cute designs so I’m satisfied, though not all that excited.

What do you think of the Lucky Dip Box?
Do you like random gift boxes for bookish inspired goodies?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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