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Makeshift Miracle

This comic was a little bit difficult for me to decide what I thought about it. I was really digging the first few chapters and the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. I loved how the main characters were the only colored parts of the panel, it made for really striking visuals. As the first volume wore on, however, I started to wonder where the plot was going. There were characters introduced and a few events, but nothing of substance was really happening.

“I won’t say I’m not nervous… Because I am. Nervous about growing up and taking hold of the things I want out of life.”

There was a convenient amnesia plot which is a trope that I really dislike, because the entire plot is withheld intentionally. I hoped for more answers from the second plot and it quickly became a bore waiting for some answers to finally be given to the reader. There are chases and a little bit of action but everything felt rushed. Characters are taken out just as quickly as they are introduced, somehow an important piece of the plot but readers are never given any real time to care about them or their fates. There is little to no development of the plot or it’s characters at all.

Things pick up at the end when the antagonist basically tells the main characters the big secret around the amnesia plot, which again, goes back to why I don’t like these sorts of stories to begin with. Nothing makes sense until the big reveal which means that the plot will be weak without it. While I liked the revelations at the end, I just wish that the plot could have been fleshed out better and more attention could have been paid to the characters to make me care about them more. There’s a romance but it makes no sense and it has next to no impact. The quality and detail in the art also went down in the second volume as compared to the first which just added to the feeling that this series was a little rushed.

I did however push my rating up a little higher for the central message about dreams, desires, and aspirations. It’s a very good message about how dreams can be both good and bad and how easy it is to hold yourself back with fear. The comic series definitely had a good central idea that I wish was executed better.

Title: Makeshift Miracle
Author: Jim Zub
Illustrator: Shun Hong Chan
Publisher: Udon
Publication Date: 2001-2003
Volumes: 2
Pages: 248
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library

A teenager named Colby Reynolds feels disconnected from the world around him, until a mysterious girl literally falls into his life, and starts him on an adventure he’ll never forget!


  1. I like amnesia plots when they don’t equate to something in place just to withhold information. Netflix’s live-action Erased comes to mind when I think of this. I need to watch the anime and read the manga, just haven’t gotten around to it yet—but I really liked the story overall.

    Sex Pistols comes to mind when I think of authors adding characters the audience can’t get attached to, for whatever reason. It’s like it’s done on purpose, not for the sake of plot, but for the sake of prolonging the story—making it long just to be long.

    It’s sad, because this sounded like something I’d enjoy! But the last thing I need is another Sex Pistols at this point, even if it does end. It’s nothing but irritating…

    1. Totally feel you on not wanting another disappointment, the art was just so pretty and it sounded like my kinda story so I was excited to read it. It’s still beautiful but definitely feels like it dragged and wasn’t well developed. I started watching Erased live action as well and only watched a few episodes, but was loving the story even though I was really confused about what was going on. I have been hesitant to start it again until I read the manga or watch the anime, since I’ve heard that they are far better. One day hopefully soon!

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