Monthly Review

Monthly Review – April 2018

So this month has been a little more productive than the last in terms of reading. I’ve made some progress on the stack of library books that I checked out as well as finished a few ARCs from NetGalley! I have quite the backlog piled up for May now that I feel like I’m really getting back into the reading groove, so hopefully next month will be better than the last.

I also made a small Goodreads group since I’ve been doing some buddy reads recently with friends. If any of you lovely blogging friends wants a group to read with, then feel free to poke me and I’ll send a group invite.

In real life news, I’ve also completed my first month working at my new job and I absolutely love it! I was in a transition period this month as I was juggling three jobs and so I was working 7 days a week. Being able to read as much as I did honestly I impressed myself all things considered. I finished out the month at one of the jobs I had to let go so I can finally have a day off and focus my energy better as we start heading into the summer months.

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  1. Evelina

    Congrats on starting a group 🙂 I would love to join of course – but I know that’s unrealistic 😀 I have way too many commitments and fail with them already xD what are you going to be reading this month with the group?

    Wow, you were working loads! AND you managed to read? Are you a super woman? *claps loud*

    And I see you hauled All Systems Red, like you said 🙂 super curious to find out how you liked it!

    Thank you for sharing my post!

    1. Haha, I spent all of my spare time reading on lunch breaks and before bed every night. Everything that I read was short and easier to digest which helped I think.

      I’ll invite you to the group anyway! I don’t think we’ve decided on an official ‘May’ read as my other 2 friends are catching up on the 2 books we had chosen before, American Panda and Heart Berries which they just picked up from the library.

      …Which for people ahead like you and me it gives us time to catch up on TBR haha!

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