Monthly Review

Monthly Review – August 2018

I promise I’m not dead! I have had a horrible reading month again and I am definitely a resident of slumpsville. I picked up several books and haven’t been able to finish most, one of them in particular was because the content was just too gorey for me. I definitely feel like I need to change up what genres I’m reading, as I’ve read so much heavy non-fiction and really dark horror this year. Maybe some feel good contemporary or fantasy is in order?

I’ve been so incredibly busy all of August working my first fall semester rush in admissions and… starting a new relationship! I’ve been so much happier this month after a severe depressive episode in July. Everything last month seemed to be going wrong and I was so stressed out my reading and blogging suffered a lot. This month has been an entire month of self-care and loving attention from my new boyfriend. I feel like I’m finally getting back on my feet, and I’ve actually been able to write a few non-review posts. Hopefully it continues and my mood improves with the crisp fall weather coming, especially now that the initial fall rush at my job is finished with and I can catch up on some reading.

As for blogging things, I’ve also decided to stop including purchase links on my reviews, mostly because they are hardly ever used, I’ve never made any commission from them, and it’s a lot of extra work for me to get the custom URLs. I also finally got a few Book Boxes that I ordered at the start of summer and did one post, I’ll have a few more coming in the next couple of weeks as I found that I forgot to cancel some subscriptions, oops! So please look forward to those.

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  1. Evelina

    LOL yes all the blogs have gone more or less silent in August. It scares me a little bit!
    Oh yay, congratulations on your new relationship 🙂 happy to hear that.
    Ooh, you bought ATPN 🙂 enjoy! I hope you have a great month. And once again, thank you for sharing my post 🙂

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