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Monthly Review: November 2017

So I’ve hit a serious reading slump, primarily attributed to the personal life struggles and stress but also reading burnout in general, given that I’ve read 72 books this year. Also didn’t seem to help that the one book I’ve been reading all month has been exceedingly slow and it’s been a little disappointing.

Due to real life factors I’m dialing blog posts back to two days a week so that I can keep up. No worries, I am and my blog aren’t going anywhere! I’ve just been busy working (two jobs at the moment) and trying to get life things in order. It’s not all bad, though! I’ve actually been happier than ever and have met some great new people in the last month and in general have just been having a great time despite the difficulties I’m dealing with right now.

Thanksgiving was wonderful as well and I stuffed my face happily. I hope you all had a better reading month than me and I’ll see you all in December!

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  1. I’m glad that your Thanksgiving was good and you’re meeting new people! I was ready to get back to blogging in November, but then I, too, hit a reading slump- I’m trying to read a 1000+ page book and it’s taking longer than I remembered. I hope you love The Rules of Magic- it was one of the bright spots of my October. 🙂
    ~Litha Nelle

    1. I definitely feel you on the slump, I hope you everything is well by you and that I can see you back on blogging soon!

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