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Monthly Review – November 2018

Goodness November has been a busy month! I managed to read a few books, though most of my reading time has gone to reading chapters for classes. I decided that it’s time to switch back to a once a week posting schedule to accommodate my current schedule, so I won’t have as much pressure to read and write as much and can keep the blog active. I’ve completed 64 out of my 70 book goal for this year, so it’ll be a close finish in December I think trying to complete those last 6 books! I am almost finished with a book I’ve been reading since the summer, and I have a couple of poetry ARCs so I’ll probably prioritize those since they’re easy to read while at work or between classwork. I’m on week five of eight for my first semester of grad school and I’m loving it! I’m excited to be finishing next month and feel that I’m getting back into the groove with juggling schoolwork.

Good luck to everyone out there finishing your reading challenges this year and let’s all hope for a strong finish this December!

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  1. I am failing my reading challenge *whomp whomp* I thought I was setting it low- 20 books and 12 cookbook reviews. Oh well.

    That Frankenstein book looks AHMAZING! I will need to get my hands on it at some point.

    And I love that book on children literature. Although I think the author is skirting around the major issue (or rather just not saying it outloud) a bunch of white people are getting annoyed that all the media isn’t purely white anymore. I get it, it might seemed forced when you live in an area that is mostly white. But I think representation is SOO important for kids.
    Jennifer recently posted…Produce Bucket: RadishesMy Profile

    1. I absolutely agree with you on representation being important. I remember being a kid and being sad that I couldn’t find barbies that looked like me. I’m honestly glad that media nowadays is much more inclusive! I have seen and heard a lot of backlash to the recent trend in books to include own voices and it’s just such a ridiculous thing to be mad about. Though the people that get mad about books feature little or no minorities to be unfortunate too, white culture is important too and writers can do what they like.

      Also YES I freaked out when I saw Ito had a new book out! I bought it right away on release day and can’t wait to get to it!!

  2. You are so close to reaching your GR goal, good luck getting those last 6 books read! Thanks for linking to my own-voices Native American author recommendation post, too. Happy reading!
    Kaleena recently posted…November in ReviewMy Profile

    1. Thank you Kaleena! I’m working hard this month to reach that goal! Also your post was wonderful, I had actually asked a Native American friend recently for a recommendation list as I know she reads quite a few own voices books, so your post is exactly what I had been looking for!

  3. Thank you so much for including my post, Jamie! I hope you have a lovely December, and good luck with reaching your reading target!

    1. Thank you Stephen! Keep up the great work with your posts!!

  4. I’ve also switched back to wayyyy less posts because it’s just too hard to keep juggling everything. And this is also why I’ve been taking forever in visiting you xD

    Oh, you got the Undesirables. Sorry to say I did not enjoy it very much!

    Thank you so much for sharing my post 🙂
    Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks recently posted…Myths, Demons and Riotous Chick Lit: What I’ve Been Reading, What You’ve Been Posting on Week 49, 2018My Profile

    1. Yeah I saw your review but I honestly didn’t like any of the selections for the last Kindle for Samsung freebie deals, hah. Your review helped me decide to bump it lower on my TBR, though, thank you for weathering the storm for both of us!

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