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Monthly Review – September 2018

I’ve still been really struggling with starting books and having to put them down again, whether due to lack of energy, interest, or because I apparently have picked up a lot of books that have been excessively violent even for me. The slump has been real! It’s gotten a little better though, as I started reading a manga series with my significant other and he convinced me to start reading his favorite book as a teen, As Simple As Snow. I’m hoping to have that finished next month along with the new Stephen King novel I just started and have been thrilled to read, it’s the first book that has really drawn my attention in a while!

As for personal news quite a lot has happened to me this month! I was accepted into grad school and will be starting my master’s program at the end of next month. My car also broke down and I bought a new car which I am beyond excited about. Last but certainly not least… I got engaged this morning! I can’t believe it myself and I’m unbelievably happy. It’ll be quite some time until we actually tie the knot, as we both have a lot going on with school and work and are saving toward buying a home together. I can’t believe where life has taken me but I am so excited for what the future will bring.

Since I have been so busy with my personal life though I’ve had considerably less time to read and write reviews. I’m starting to read more books and manga again, but I might cut down on my posting schedule this month while I rest and take time to start writing more posts. It really depends on how much reading and writing I manage to do.

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  1. Oh my god congratulations on your engagement!!!! You got engaged THIS MORNING?! That is so cool, haha now I desperately want to hear the entire story! Also congratulations on getting into masters and congrats on your new car! You have a lot to celebrate
    And thank you so much for mentioning my post, I really appreciate it!

    1. Of course – it’s a really great post! Also yes this month has been crazy with so much happening! I feel like I have whiplash haha.

      As for the engagement story, it was a bit spur of the moment! We had been talking for a few weeks about moving in together and raising a family. We were having a small house party with friends and he was kneeling in front of me while I was preparing stuff in the kitchen, and he made a joke that he’d be kneeling in front of me like that soon but was waiting until he could get a ring. I told him I didn’t mind that he didn’t have one, and he lit up, got serious, and asked.

      I’m actually kind of glad that he didn’t try to get a ring first, since I have really bad allergies to a lot of metals and I have to be really careful about what I can wear. ^^;; So we’ve been looking at wedding rings for both of us the last two days, it’s nice choosing things together. 🙂

      1. Oh that sounds so so cute!! I love to you get to pick your own ring, that’s what I wanted too I love that you got engaged in the middle of a house party, so cute!

        1. Aw thank you! Also yes I think I much prefer getting to choose my ring, not just for allergies but because I know I’m kinda picky haha. I think it’s better that way!

  2. Yey Congrats! That is so exciting! I saw on facebook but I probably just thumbs uped the post lol.

    I finished Hell Screens, and I am hoping to finish the Goodreads review today. I miss writing book reviews like a did on my blog, I might try and pick it up again? Maybe?

    1. Oooh I look forward to reading it! I really enjoy your book review posts, they’re fun to read. 🙂

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