OwlCrate #1 – October 2017

OwlCrate is a monthly YA book subscription box that comes with one new release hardcover book often with an exclusive cover and around 6 or 7 bookish goodies. The box is $29.99 a month and each box has a theme which is announced ahead of time. It is a US based book subscription service and is one of the most popular ones out there.

To find out more, you can check them out at www.owlcrate.com. For transparency sake, this link utilizes a referral code which helps me out. I am not sponsored in any way and am a paying customer.

So.. what’s in the box?

The Goodies

Harry Potter Mug

OH MY GOD. This is my new favorite item out of a book box ever!! It is a mug featuring the forbidden forest from Harry Potter! There are spiders, the flying car, Hagrid’s Hut, and I’m just in awe of this beautiful thing. It is my favorite mug and I am so happy to have it, especially since it is an exclusive design for OwlCrate by artist Cara Kozik!

Drink Coaster

I really love the design on the drink coaster with the little fox. It is however a little light and flimsy and when I put a cold drink down on it with condensation it came right up with it. The cork circle at the bottom also looks like it was pasted on haphazardly because it is not even. It is soft to the touch and waterproof, however, so it’ll do it’s job as a coaster for hot tea. It’s a nice little extra to go along with the tea and mug, which are already high cost items. The art on the coaster is an exclusive design for OwlCrate by Kristin Askland.

Where the Wild Things Are Bookmarks

I LOVE magnetic bookmarks!! I squealed when I saw the pair of bookmarks I got featuring one of my favorite childhood books, Where the Wild Things Are. They are really nice quality and are surprisingly lighter than other ones I have and I am already using them. I am so happy with the box for these bookmarks alone, they are so awesome! These adorable bookmarks are made by Craftedvan.

Wild Beauty Seeds

This has got to be one of the cutest book tie-in promotional items I’ve ever seen! The little packet contains forget me not seeds which are just lovely, and I honestly wish I had a garden to grow them in. I’ll be saving them for the time being but it is something that I’d like to do someday.

Robin Hood Tea

So there was a lovely little loose leaf tea bag called Sherwood Forest, a Robin Hood reference and MY GOD. The flavor is listed as Earl Grey & Sweet Blueberry and just ripping a bit of the corner I was blasted with the smell of blueberry pie, it smells incredible and I can’t wait to brew it. I am genuinely excited about this item even though I don’t have an infuser at the moment, now I have reason to get one. This tea is an exclusive blend from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe.

Ravenboys Candle

Sooooo I am not familiar at all with the works of Maggie Stiefvater nor The Raven Boys, Maggie fans I am sorry you can type angry reprimands to me. She is on my list of authors to check out and I am interested, so don’t worry. I will say however that this candle is AWESOME. It is listed as moss and mint, and I absolutely love it, I love minty flavors and the earthy tones feel like a cool forest night. I am so excited to burn this candle and it is by far one of my favorite items in the box. I just wish it was bigger! The candle is an OwlCrate exclusive from In The Wick of Time.

Princess Mononoke Print

Not going to lie, when I heard there would be a Princess Mononoke item in the box I ordered it instantly. It’s one of my all-time favorite films and I’ve watched it countless times, and it’s so rare to see an anime inspired item in book boxes! While I am mildly disappointed that it turned out to be a print instead of another item I’m still happy to have it. The art is beautiful and I plan to frame it when I can and hang it in the girls’ room. This beautiful piece is another exclusive art piece for the box by artist Audra Auclair.

OwlCrate Extras

So OwlCrate always comes with a couple of extra items. One is a small button that uses the same art that is on the spoiler card which is always nice, not anything too exciting but hey, it’s something to put on my library bag. The other more recent addition is an OwlCrate mini pamphlet magazine type of thing with some extra interviews, book recommendations, and a preview for November. It’s a cute little addition and adds an extra touch to the box that I appreciated.

The Book

Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore

When I read the description for this box I had a good feeling it would be this book and I knew I had to have it. Wild Beauty has been one of my most highly anticipated diverse reads all year and I am SO excited to have it. I also really dig the exclusive cover from OwlCrate, I like that it has a lighter color scheme and makes better use of space. Also included was a signed bookplate and a letter from the author which were lovely little extras.

Love grows such strange things.

For nearly a century, the Nomeolvides women have tended the grounds of La Pradera, the lush estate gardens that enchant guests from around the world. They’ve also hidden a tragic legacy: if they fall in love too deeply, their lovers vanish. But then, after generations of vanishings, a strange boy appears in the gardens.

The boy is a mystery to Estrella, the Nomeolvides girl who finds him, and to her family, but he’s even more a mystery to himself; he knows nothing more about who he is or where he came from than his first name. As Estrella tries to help Fel piece together his unknown past, La Pradera leads them to secrets as dangerous as they are magical in this stunning exploration of love, loss, and family.


Box Review

Box Value
After making some rough estimates, buying just the book alone and either the mug or art print would equal the cost of the box so it’s a pretty good deal considering the items you get inside.

Are these items I’d buy?
Yes! I love candles, I love tea, I love magnetic bookmarks, and I love mugs and anything with practical uses, especially in my kitchen! I am so in love with the items in this box, they are all insanely cute and fit an aesthetic that I really love. There is nothing that I love more than mountains and forests so the theme for this box was a knockout!

Would I order again?
As an occasional present to myself, yes, if the theme seems to be one that I’m interested in. OwlCrate is a little pricey to me so it is not the type of box that I could afford every month, but if I could I totally would.

Final Thoughts
I am so satisfied with this box, it was my very first OwlCrate and I am incredibly impressed with the quality of the items in the box. I had been looking at OwlCrate for a while and have been unsure if the books and items in the boxes were really for me, given that I’m a mood reader and though I read YA books I tend to lean more toward adult literature and classics. I’m so glad that I decided to give it a chance and buy this month’s box, it was a really nice treat to myself after an extremely difficult month.

OwlCrate seems to pick a lot of the really big releases that sometimes overlap with other boxes but not always. I think that they do a good mix of fantasy and contemporary so there is a little something for everybody. If you’re a fan of YA literature in general then this is definitely a worthwhile box to get, the themes are always done well and this box is great for both teens and adults.

OwlCrate also has a Jr. option which includes a middle grade chapter book for younger readers. I plan on trying that out in the future once my daughter starts on chapter books and I am so excited for that!7

How did you like this month’s box?
Are you interested in OwlCrate or Book Boxes in general?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I love the candle and the book!

  2. I like how they commission independent artists for the goodies! I am bookmarking the owlcrate jr- it looks like it might make a good birthday gift for my niece.

    1. Same, the art is really great and it helps artists out! I’ve seen some OwlCrate Jr. unboxings on YouTube and they are insanely cute and have some really nice chapter book choices. I told Mackie that I’d order one for her as a reward for when she starts reading chapter books. 🙂

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