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    Secrets of a Broken Heart

    Secrets of a Broken Heart is a debut poetry collection that covers a couple of different topics, from feelings of sadness and heartbreak after a breakup, the excitement of a new love, to the anxiety of writing and creating art. “Honey, you are so pretty that the ground cannot get enough of you. Your tears are the water to the earth, your red eyes the sun to the flowers.” This poetry book is split into a few different sections, the first half of the collection primarily handling themes of heartbreak after a painful breakup. The later parts of the collection includes poems about finding happiness despite insecurities and feelings of…

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    Top Five Most Anticipated 2019 Releases

    A new year coming means that there will be a bunch of brand new 2019 releases to be excited for! I really enjoyed looking up and writing a post for this in Januar and I wanted to do another post for next year. Working on this list got me really hyped for several books that weren’t on my radar at all, so I’m very happy to share this list with you all! Descendant of the Crane A Chinese-inspired fantasy? Hello sign me up! The cover for this book is one of the most marvelous I’ve seen in a long time and it instantly caught my eye. The story follows a…

  • Monthly Review

    Monthly Review – October 2018

    Goodness October has been a busy month and I’m sort of glad for it. I have gotten back into the short story reading kick thanks to Amazon’s Dark Corners Collection and found a new love for Joyce Carol Oates, who I think will easily become one of my favorite writers. I also began my graduate classes this past Monday and I am so unbelievably excited and nervous! I spent last weekend trying to work ahead in some of my classes, so hopefully I can juggle my work, school, and personal life. It’s been three years since I’ve been in school so I’ll need to freshen up a bit. I’ll probably…

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    The Sign of the Beast

    What I admire most about Oates’ brand of suspenseful horror is that she truly understands the predatory nature of people. Mrs. S—— is definitely the predator in this case, taunting and teasing Howard mercilessly, making inappropriate comments about his physical development. The story seems very straightforward, that this Sunday school teacher is dressing provocatively to entice young Howard, but by the halfway point my assumptions were challenged. Similar to Miao Dao, The Sign of the Beast deals with the confusion and shame that comes with puberty and the sexual awakening of an adolescent. Howard feels embarrassed about the way he’s treated by Mrs. S—— yet finds himself desiring her sexually.…

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    Top Five Romance Genres I Avoid

    I know that readers can be really divided about romance – it’s a genre that falls prey to repetitive tropes and you’re almost guaranteed some semblance of a happy ending. For those that enjoy romance novels, that last part is one of the things that I enjoy most about romance. I like picking up a romance novel once in a while for a feel good read, and I’m an especially big fan of historical romance. However there are many genres of romance that I have absolutely no interest in and actively avoid. Keep in mind that this is my own personal preference, so if a genre on this list is…


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