Spookathon 2017

The Spookathon Challenge is hosted by Lala @ Books And Lala, if you’re interested definitely check her channel out to see the announcement video and the keep up with progress on the readathon over the course of the week. I love this challenge because, of course, I love thrillers and other spine chilling stories. Since I was already planning to use this month to marathon the horror books I’ve had piling onto my TBR for a while.

This book also has five challenges (not required) with prompts that I really liked both because they are interesting but I also felt allow a good amount of flexibility in book choices and five is a fairly reasonable amount for such a short challenge. For this post I’ll be listing my planned reads and will come back to check off the books that I complete. If you are interested in any of these books I’ve linked their Goodreads pages to the covers for convenience.

Read a Thriller

This is an interesting thriller that I’ve just been dying to read since I first saw it. Liz is trying to start a family with her husband who is struggling with the disappearance of his best friend. She’s a thriller writer and the main character of her lastest work follows Beth, a wife betrayed by her cheating husband while taking care of their newborn. Before she knows it Beth finds discarding the body of her husband’s mistress.

Things spiral out of control as the events in Liz’s novel start to eerily reflect the events in the real world and the line between truth and fiction starts to blur.

This is actually one of the books from the September Book of the Month picks that I really wanted and was lucky to find at my local library. The book is relatively short, coming in at just 278 pages so it should hopefully be a fast and exciting read.

Read a Book with a Spooky Word in the Title

Ghosts! One of the spookiest words out there! This is an interesting random pick up from the library for me, the story is about a disabled veteran and his partially deaf sister moving to an old family estate. The man struggles to come to terms with being an amputee and begins to form a special relationship with his nurse, but things take a turn when it appears that the man’s sister begins to hear voices that only she can hear and falls ill.

I like that there is some disability representation in this novel which is rare to see. I always love a good haunted house story and this one sounds unique, so I’m interested in getting to this one as soon as the challenge starts.

Read a Book Based on a Childhood Fear

This one is convenient since I actually have a blog tour coming up for this book and will be reading it around the same time the challenge is going on. It’s still a bit difficult to tell exactly what this book is about from the vague description but what I do know is that it features some strange paranormal occurrences and things with black eyes.

Ever since I was a child I had a relentless fear of the dark and it is still a fear that gets to me today. As a teen my this fear was magnified from several factors, I suffered from severe depression after the death of a family member and my boyfriend, who was my biggest support system, had some interesting beliefs in spirits and the occult. For a while my depression spiraled into full blown paranoia with lucid dreams and some things I saw and heard that I still prefer to chalk up to hallucinations.

While things have gotten better as I grew older and got away from some negative influences including my ex, these sorts of paranormal stories, the idea of seeing things have always been an intense fear for me. I actually refuse to watch films like Paranormal Activity precisely for this reason but books I think are a more acceptable medium.

Read a Book with Orange on the Cover

This book has been on my wishlist for a number of years now and I’ve wanted to check out Nick Cutter’s work since he has gained a lot of praise as a fresh new face in the horror genre. I picked this book up not too long ago and have been saving it to read for Halloween this year, so it was a natural pick.

Not just that, but the shade of orange is not what you’d expect. Normally oranges come in bright shades are are typically associated with warmth and joy. The deep shade of orange on this cover however, which borders on red, to me elicits more of a sense of unease. It reminds me of the deeper shades usually used to signify an emergency, and so I thought it was a fitting cover for this challenge.

Read a Book that has a Spooky Setting

A haunted hallway, what more can be scary than the classic haunted house scenario? Bleed is a horror novel that I’ve been dying to read since receiving it in my July Nocturnal Readers Box because the premise just sounds so terrifying! A man finds a red spot on his ceiling that looks suspiciously like blood. Over time the spot begins to grow larger and starts communicating with the man.

The idea of the thing makes my skin crawl and reminds me of one of the hauntings from the video game Silent Hill 4: The Room. The idea of a paranormal invader taking over the home, a place typically viewed as a safe space, is especially spooky to me.

So what do you think?
Will you be participating in this challenge?
If you are, what books are you thinking about reading?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


  • Jen

    All of these sound super spooky! Will definitely be adding some of these to my TBR list… I’m looking forward to getting a good amount of those read this month 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Looks like a fun thing to do. I love spooky stuff for Halloween. It made me think of Dark Waters, that has an unexpected haunting- the water lines. I never saw the movie but read the short story.

  • Jackie B.

    This is a really neat October reading challenge! I adore reading challenges so much. I love that this one, in particular, gives you the flexibility to pick from a variety of books on your TBR.

    I personally won’t be participating in this challenge– my TBR is crushing me and I don’t read enough horror for this to be worthwhile now. Perhaps in the future?

    • Jamie

      Totally understandable, and yeah I’m hesitating even now with trying to squish all those books in a week, I chose short books intentionally and wanted to really challenge myself.

      I think this challenge includes thrillers too, after seeing the TBRs of other people doing the challenge they all seem to be doing mystery-thrillers. I just love horror so much and wanted to make it about scary stories. XD

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