• YA Short Story Collection Reviews

    In the Dark Corner, I Stood Alone

    I was pretty excited to read this collection after reading the synopsis and all the praise for this book on Goodreads, I’m always on the lookout for indie gems and absolutely love short stories. While this book was certainly a quick read, I don’t feel like I particularly liked any of the stories included, and that’s pretty rare as I’m usually able to find something I like in an anthology. The primary issue that I had with this book is the way that strength of character for the female characters is portrayed. The book celebrates what to me came off as extreme selfishness and being ‘wronged’ in some way is…

  • Graphic Novel Reviews

    Gothic Tales of Haunted Love

    When I first laid eyes on this collection I knew I had to read it. The cover is stunning and the idea of Gothic romance comics instantly caught my attention, being a fan of gothic literature in it’s various forms. It was a fast read and while I found a few spectacular comics in the collection I ended up feeling only lukewarm overall. Gothic Tales of Haunted Love seeks to revitalize an aging genre of literature while paying homage to the short-lived gothic romance comics of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Despite a variety of tropes that have become standard in the genre I feel that there is a lot more…

  • Horror Book Reviews,  Short Story Collection Reviews

    The Lottery and Other Stories

    If there is one story that Shirley Jackson is most famous for it is The Lottery, which has been heavily studied, picked apart, and caused so much notoriety that it has completely overshadowed Jackson’s other short stories. It’s a shame really, because the collected works in this book are simply brilliant, there wasn’t a single story that I disliked. As the reader engaging in these stories, you’re not presented with visceral depictions of horror or terrifying monsters beyond human comprehension. Instead readers are given a window into a kind of horror grounded in reality. The reader is instilled with the same sense of discomfort, distrust, and paranoia that the characters…

  • Horror Book Reviews,  Short Story Collection Reviews

    The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

    The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is a large collection of novellas and short stories that include a wide variety of genres. Each time I turned the page to the next story it would be kind of a wild card and I never knew what to expect which was both good and bad. While it was nice that the variety keeps things fresh, it also made the collection feel disorganized. The stories in the anthology don’t fit any particular theme, instead they just seemed like odds and ends thrown into a master volume. This will probably not be a big deal to many, but for me it just broke the flow.…

  • Poetry Book Reviews

    The Tent

    Well this is a quirky little book by Atwood, I ran into it by chance at the library and picked it up because it’s tiny and I figured that it would be a quick read. It was and it wasn’t, it was the type of book that I could pick up here and there and read a couple of the shorts and put it back down to get back to my other books. It was a nice palette cleanser between books or if another book started to drag. “Trying with all her might not to sink below the line between chin up and despair” The book is filled with illustrations…


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