• Historical Romance Book Reviews

    An Eccentric Engagement

    So this was a bit of a non-traditional romance as it takes place after the courtship. Sorrow and Bertram are engaged to be married and the two return to Sorrow’s country home for the wedding. The two are very clearly in the early stages of excitement over a new relationship, stealing kisses and admiring each other — the “puppy love” stage. Neither of the two truly love each other but are already prepared for marriage. The actual romance was more told than shown and it unfortunately just didn’t work for me. The romantic aspect seemed to take a back seat to the other two major plot lines: Sorrow’s altruistic family…

  • Historical Romance Book Reviews

    The Mad Herringtons

    Aphrodite is the only level headed and responsible sibling in the Herrington family. Of the ones in the novel she’s got one sister who is a mindless flirt, another constantly wearing revealing clothing, and to round it out a mischievous younger brother always playing pranks. The story develops as Aphrodite realizes that she’s not as prim and proper as she believes herself to be, and she might just be more like her family than she ever thought possible. I’ll start right off with saying that the plot is incredibly predictable and the characters grating. The other three siblings “mature” and develop when they find their balance, but I just find…


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