• Fantasy Book Reviews

    The Hobbit, or There and Back Again

    I had been meaning to jump into the Middle-earth universe for quite some time and reading the book made me realize that I had been missing out. It has been ages since I’ve read a good, pure fantasy book and The Hobbit was a delight. The backdrop is everything I expect from a high fantasy world, the characters had personality and were likable, the adventures exciting, and finally a dash of humor to round everything out. The story starts off with Bilbo, a reluctant hobbit who doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of the rest of the adventurous Baggins family. He is dragged along anyway and as the story…

  • Poetry Book Reviews

    And Still I Rise

    Maya Angelou was an incredible woman and an astoundingly good writer. And Still I Rise is the first book I’ve read by Angelou and I was absolutely blown away. The poems in this collection have a good rhythm and roll off the tongue, I definitely think that they’d be pretty approachable for readers that don’t read poetry often. Many of the poems had a playful, even mocking tone even when talking about dark subjects which really showcases Angelou’s mastery of the English language. Analytical readers will find many of the poems to be thick with metaphor, giving readers a lot to reflect on after each poem. “Did you want to…

  • Poetry Book Reviews


    Ariel is Sylvia Plath’s swansong, a final act of revenge for her husband’s infidelity and her reckoning with the world. This has been my first experience with Plath’s work and my goodness what a powerhouse! I didn’t know much about her before I picked up this book but I was blown away by her talent. What I loved most about this collection was how complex it is, covering a wide range of topics from her husband’s infidelity, reckoning with her family, a hospital stay, her attempted suicide, living again, depression, happiness. Plath’s tone is cool, amused, accusatory, her writing is jarringly direct even when expertly woven with dreamy imagery and…

  • Horror Book Reviews,  Short Story Collection Reviews

    The Lottery and Other Stories

    If there is one story that Shirley Jackson is most famous for it is The Lottery, which has been heavily studied, picked apart, and caused so much notoriety that it has completely overshadowed Jackson’s other short stories. It’s a shame really, because the collected works in this book are simply brilliant, there wasn’t a single story that I disliked. As the reader engaging in these stories, you’re not presented with visceral depictions of horror or terrifying monsters beyond human comprehension. Instead readers are given a window into a kind of horror grounded in reality. The reader is instilled with the same sense of discomfort, distrust, and paranoia that the characters…

  • Poetry Book Reviews

    Goblin Market

    My goodness what a beautiful and surprising poem this is. The Goblin Market is a classic poem filled to the brim with enchanting rhymes and fairy tale like imagery. It tells the story of a pair of sisters as they encounter goblin men selling fruit. The story is a clear allegory about temptation and has a strong moral lesson about the value and strength of a sister. “For there is no friend like a sister In calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, To fetch one if one goes astray, To lift one if one totters down, To strengthen whilst one stands.” This poem has been…


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