• Historical Romance Book Reviews

    The Female Correspondent

    Finally! A real regency romance! I’ve been wary of the regency and historical romance genres as of late due to many of the stories just feeling so out of place for their respective time periods. I had no such issues with this book and it was actually pretty refreshing. “The words seemed to rearrange themselves on the paper, until the familiar hand became the strong, sweet voice of Miss Debord, chronicling, not the leisurely life of a gentleman of means, as he had supposed, but the lonely and isolated life of a woman who had striven to enrich her own life and that of others by her tireless work, without…

  • Historical Romance Book Reviews

    Scandal at Dawn

    Since this book is a novella it doesn’t give the characters quite as much time to develop, which was a shame because I liked most of them. I had a difficult time believing in Adrian’s affections for Olivia. Not that there was anything wrong on Olivia’s end, her being swept up by a gentleman made perfect sense to me, and she’s a wonderful and sweet main character. Adrian is supposed to be a reformed rake, which is well and good, but he puts his hands on her within a half hour of meeting. Their entire romance consists of him bombarding her with gifts for a couple of days before jumping…

  • YA Contemporary Romance Book Reviews

    American Panda

    I picked up American Panda because I had heard a lot of positive feedback from Asian American book bloggers about how relatable it was and how stinking cute the cover was. Even though the synopsis sums up the book pretty well, I was still pleasantly surprised by what I got reading the book. It was a very fast read for me and I had a hard time putting it down, finishing the book in just two sittings. The book follows Mei, a first generation Asian American struggling with the cultural clash that comes with having a traditional Taiwanese family. While I can’t speak personally on the authenticity of the Taiwanese…

  • Historical Romance Book Reviews

    An Eccentric Engagement

    So this was a bit of a non-traditional romance as it takes place after the courtship. Sorrow and Bertram are engaged to be married and the two return to Sorrow’s country home for the wedding. The two are very clearly in the early stages of excitement over a new relationship, stealing kisses and admiring each other — the “puppy love” stage. Neither of the two truly love each other but are already prepared for marriage. The actual romance was more told than shown and it unfortunately just didn’t work for me. The romantic aspect seemed to take a back seat to the other two major plot lines: Sorrow’s altruistic family…

  • Historical Romance Book Reviews

    A Fair Hand

    Felicity is a young débutante approaching the date of her “coming out” to society. She is still in love Archie, her childhood friend who is nine years her senior, whom she thoroughly embarrassed and drove away. Although he leaves for the Navy for six years Felicity is still utterly in love with him and devises a whole web of schemes to ensnare him. I normally don’t like characters that are scheming, childish, and a little bit selfish, but I couldn’t help but like Felicity, even if I found her antics obnoxious. She knows why Archie couldn’t return her affections in the past, him being a twenty year old bachelor and…


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