• Graphic Novel Reviews

    Red Rising: Sons of Ares

    Sons of Ares is a spin off of the Red Rising series and takes place long before the events of the books. The story follows Fitchner au Barca, a gold peerless scarred and father to Sevro, the main character of the book series. While Red Rising is all about revolution, Sons of Ares is about the cause, the catalyst that prompted unrest among the people. The graphic novel does a pretty good job of presenting readers with the world in the Red Rising series. Through the eyes of Fitchner readers are able to see how utterly broken the caste system is, from the lowest color levels all the way up…

  • Dystopia Book Reviews

    The Salt Line

    I think of all the books I picked up in 2017, The Salt Line was one of the most disappointing. What I had expected to get from the synopsis was very different than what was actually delivered, and I’m sure that played a huge part in my disappointment with the book. I honestly really struggled with this novel and ended up DNFing my ARC copy last year. The book is split into three parts and I quit at the end of the second part. I always felt guilty and wondered if I was missing out, so I picked the book back up from my library and decided to just give…

  • YA Dystopia Book Reviews

    The Giver

    The Giver seems to be one of those books that I missed growing up and I honestly regret that I did! I was instantly sucked into the book and I had trouble putting it down, by far one of the best dystopian novels I’ve ever read. The story centers on the idea of memory being key to obtaining knowledge and control. It is a coming of age story for young Jonas as he is given the gift of memory, both good and bad, as his eyes are opened to the world around him. Speaking of dystopia, the novel did the genre right. The community that Jonas lives in really is…

  • YA Dystopia Book Reviews

    The Maze Runner

    What a fun read, and I don’t say that very often. I read The Maze Runner after I had been in a slump for several months, burned out from reading so many books that I didn’t actually want to read for both school and from review requests. I picked up The Maze Runner on a whim and it reminded me of what I liked about reading, of the joy of immersing myself in a story and enjoying the ride. The book is a fairly standard set up for a young adult dystopia novel, a bunch of teens find themselves trapped in what seems like a game without a clue as…

  • Horror Book Reviews

    The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury

    The Governor saga continues in The Road to Woodbury. We are introduced to a brand new protagonist, Lilly Caul, and her experience through the apocalypse that eventually leads her and her band of misfits to the town of Woodbury as it is being developed with a new chain of command. This book does an excellent job of providing some more background information as to how Woodbury became the dreaded town that it is and we see the after effects of the events from Rise of the Governor. The character of The Governor begins to take shape and become the more familiar villain Walking Dead fans know so well. Sadly I…


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