• Horror Manga Reviews

    Jisatsu Circle

    Based off of the cult film, Suicide Circle, the distressing nature of this manga hits the reader hard and fast. A stunning thriller that is difficult to put down, I ended up reading it in one sitting. The story follows Kyoko as she watches the descent of her childhood best friend, Saya, the only survivor of a mass suicide. Kyoko finds herself pulled deeper into the mysteries of a suicide cult as she attempts to save Saya. “How do you relate to yourself?” The scary part of this manga isn’t the gore, though it is very gorey. No, the real horror here is psychological. Saya and the other girls of…

  • Japanese Horror Book Reviews

    Parasite Eve

    Never in my life have I ever encountered a book that I felt more conflicted by. Parasite Eve is a Japanese techno-thriller that spawned a film adaptation and a massively popular video game series. It is about mitochondria and I have to say that it is admirable for the truly unique concept. It is an incredible example of body horror at it’s best by instilling a fear of utter helplessness to a threat that can control the very cells that make up a person’s body. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was in for when I started this novel. I have to give Sena props for the amount of attention…

  • Horror Manga Reviews


    Shiver is a collection of Junji Ito’s personal picks for his best stories and I honestly have to agree. The one-shot’s chosen for this collection really are some of Ito’s all-time best. His commentary about his inspirations were a wonderful bonus and gives some insight into his creative process. “I just can’t shake the feeling that the puppets work us.” Old favorites from previous collections such as Glyceride and The Hanging Balloons make an appearance in this collection and I was happy to see them included, as they are ones that have really stuck with me since I read them. One of the Tomie stories was also included and it’s…

  • History Book Reviews

    The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust Of World War II

    It’s truly difficult rating a book like this. Many critics have slammed this book for the author’s obvious bias, one-sided presentation, and argumentative tone throughout the book. From a historian’s point of view this is bad history because there will always be at least one side that sees things differently. Taking such a polarizing stance with a delicate subject can be risky, and Chang’s emotionally charged argument is extremely critical of the Japanese not just for their actions in this specific event, but for their failure to acknowledge their mistake and to make proper amends for the atrocities committed. Her tone at times can be rather off-putting when reading and…

  • Horror Manga Reviews

    Fuan no Tane

    Fuan no Tane is a unique entry into the horror genre. The manga is comprised of a series of vignettes featuring regular people coming into contact with the paranormal. All of the stories are extremely short, some comprising of no more than two pages. The books are divided into small sections with a cluster of stories relating to a central theme. A few examples include invasion, being followed, and shadows spied from the corner of your eye. It is clear that the stories are based off of urban legends and local folklore and definitely have a very Japanese feel to them. Readers will have to keep this caveat in mind…


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