• Contemporary Book Reviews

    Convenience Store Woman

    Keiko is a convenience store worker and, to the people around her, a bit of an oddball. She has worked part time at the same store for her entire adult life with no aspirations to pursue a full-time career, she has no interest in romantic relationships or starting a family, she struggles with every day social interactions, and most of all–she’s satisfied with her life. Keiko often feels out of place, like she has to put on a mask while interacting with others. She has difficulty understanding people’s motivations and feelings, she struggles to hold conversations and to navigate social norms, she has no interest in marriage, and she feels…

  • Poetry Book Reviews

    In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive

    In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive is one of the most beautiful poetry collections that I’ve read in ages. I was drawn in from the first page and had a very hard time putting this book down. The author has a voice that is honest and skill with creating gorgeous prose. We talk about survival like it’s a thing that makes you stronger Like it is a lesson learned. As if it does not steal your truth fashion it into a killing machine.” The author tackles a lot of deeply personal subjects: surviving infidelity, dealing with manic depression, the gradual decline and death of a family member,…

  • Graphic Novel Reviews


    My this is one of the most magical graphic novels I’ve read perhaps ever. Watersnakes is a dark fantasy about a lonely girl that meets and falls for a mysterious girl named Agnes.The two share in mischief and it isn’t long before Mila finds out that there is something strange about Agnes. She finds herself embroiled in a battle between the Earth and the sea. “I can hear the children of the storm calling for their king.” The story starts slow and I had some difficulty getting into the rhythm at first but it is absolutely worth the patience of getting through the first chapter. The creatures in the novel…

  • LGBTQ Book Reviews

    Marriage of a Thousand Lies

    Marriage of a Thousand Lies is an absolutely stunning book that I picked up completely by chance. It gives readers a lot to unpack in a seriously small package. The book explores topics about family, love, marriage, culture, tradition, societal expectations, and queer/gender issues. Lucky is a first generation American whose parents hail from Sri Lanka. She is also a lesbian that is married to a gay man in order to keep up appearances for both of their families. Her stable arrangement with her husband is turned on it’s head when she reconnects with Nisha, her childhood best friend and first love. “I’m not part of this world she’s afraid…

  • YA Fantasy Book Reviews

    Now I Rise

    I didn’t think it was ever possible for this book to live up to the greatness of And I Darken and lord how wrong I was. I’m genuinely shocked to say that I love this book more than its predecessor and I am so, so happy about it. It was everything that I wanted from the first book and so much more, I can’t get enough of this series. “Let your loyalty be only where your heart is. Everything else can fall by the road and be trodden underfoot as we pass to our home.” While some of the historical content is, of course, questionable (not just the gender swapped…


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