• Historical Fiction Book Reviews

    The Bloodletter’s Daughter

    Honestly, this book would have been better if it had been a stand alone story and was not based off of real events and people. From a historical point of view, this book has many problems. While the author did some decent research into events, people, and local legend, the way in which she incorporated these things was heavy handed. It feels like she threw in every famous name she could for random chapters in a weak attempt to make it fit within the time period. To me, I feel historical fiction is successful if it can immerse the reader into the time period, even if facts or other details…

  • Paranormal Romance Book Reviews

    Storm Born

    Back in the day when I had a Nook Color, a friend of mine and I used to exchange books pretty often. I loved most of the books she loaned me, and so when I saw Storm Born pop up on my device I instantly accepted the loan without even thinking. After reading a chapter or two I thought to myself, “What the hell am I reading?” and finally looked up the synopsis to the book. I furrowed my brow wondering what I had gotten myself into. A kitsune and a bondage fairy? This is the kind of stuff that I would have been into over a decade ago. Not…

  • Urban Fantasy Book Reviews

    The Line

    The Line is an urban fantasy about a powerful Southern witching family, told from the point of view of Mercy, the family’s black sheep. For the most part I liked Mercy’s character for the majority of the book, I could relate to her and could understand some of the troubles she faced, though by the end there are some inconsistencies in her characterization. There was a love triangle right off the bat which I didn’t care for, the childhood friend and her sister’s boyfriend. Her friend is handsome and dedicated to her, and she knows that she should love him back, but she just doesn’t feel that spark that she…

  • YA Fantasy Book Reviews

    The Black Witch

    Elloren is sheltered and doesn’t know much about the other races or their conflicts. Her naïveté is very apparent in her first encounters with different races, not fully grasping their precarious positions in society and why she and her people are a threat to their survival. When bullied she lashes back with the same prejudice that they show her. For a while she’s more concerned about making friends and boys than she is about anything meaningful. Over time, however, she begins to open her eyes to the many injustices around her and slowly question her previous assumptions. I appreciated what this book was trying to do in terms of showing…

  • YA Fantasy Book Reviews

    Now I Rise

    I didn’t think it was ever possible for this book to live up to the greatness of And I Darken and lord how wrong I was. I’m genuinely shocked to say that I love this book more than its predecessor and I am so, so happy about it. It was everything that I wanted from the first book and so much more, I can’t get enough of this series. “Let your loyalty be only where your heart is. Everything else can fall by the road and be trodden underfoot as we pass to our home.” While some of the historical content is, of course, questionable (not just the gender swapped…


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