• Tackling My TBR

    Tackling My TBR #1

    So my TBR is…. massive to say the least. I thought that it’d be nice to create a series that expands on my “reading next month” section of my monthly review posts. I think that this will help keep me focused and motivated to read specific books. So for this post series I will be choosing five books from my pile to read, and will update with a new post once my five have been completed. If They Come For Us Author: Fatimah Asghar Genre: Poetry, Asian American Source: NetGalley an aunt teaches me how to tell an edible flower from a poisonous one. just in case, I hear her…

  • Book Tags

    NetGalley Book Tag

    Oh NetGalley, every book blogger’s best friend and probably large source of anxiety if you’re like me and fall behind on your reviewing! I was not tagged by anyone in particular but saw this tag on Engross in a Good Book and decided that I would like to do it as well! 1. Auto-Approved: Who’s one author whose books you automatically want to read, regardless of what they’re about? I won’t default to my favorite author for this one since I’ve talked about her extensively in previous posts, so I’ll choose an author I discovered through NetGalley! I began my book journey with Eliza Maxwell after being granted an ARC…


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