• Historical Romance Book Reviews

    Scandal at Dawn

    Since this book is a novella it doesn’t give the characters quite as much time to develop, which was a shame because I liked most of them. I had a difficult time believing in Adrian’s affections for Olivia. Not that there was anything wrong on Olivia’s end, her being swept up by a gentleman made perfect sense to me, and she’s a wonderful and sweet main character. Adrian is supposed to be a reformed rake, which is well and good, but he puts his hands on her within a half hour of meeting. Their entire romance consists of him bombarding her with gifts for a couple of days before jumping…

  • Horror Book Reviews

    Gwendy’s Button Box

    What a fast and fun little read, Gwendy’s Button Box takes a unique spin on the wish trope and the powerful burden of choice. Young Gwendy is presented with a mysterious gift, a button box with different colored buttons and levers, the functions of which are unknown. She is given ownership of this box by a mysterious man whose intentions are unclear and whose presence seems to haunt her everywhere she goes. Now the story is a little predictable, anyone that is familiar with the wish trope will know some of the themes that go along with it. It is also made immediately apparent who one of the main antagonists…

  • Women's Fiction Book Reviews

    My Sweet Friend

    I think that this book brings up some interesting points about friendship and how it can become harmful when we’re taken in by manipulative people. There are probably a lot of people that’ve known someone like Alexa at some point in their lives, I know that I did and could relate to Rosie in some ways. The actions of the characters in the book are believable and each side of the story provided a unique perspective. While Rosie was dealing with the gradual breakdown after being gaslighted, Alexa seemed to be more of a character study about pathological liars and she quite frankly appeared to be mentally ill. She is…

  • Classic Book Reviews

    The Metamorphosis

    The story follows Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman who one day wakes up and finds that he has been transformed into a large insect. Before his bizarre transformation Gregor was the head of his family who worked to support his aging parents and young sister. The novel begins slow, with the first part consisting of his horror at waking up in his new form. There is actually a lot of hysterics in the first part and it’s pretty strange but comedic. The reader gets a sense of who Gregor is as a character and his dedication, only thinking of how he can continue working and supporting his family despite his…

  • Horror Book Reviews

    Blockade Billy

    I’ll be completely honest with you all: I know absolutely nothing about baseball and have never been a very big fan of watching sports. So then why would I read a novella about a topic I don’t care about? Blockade Billy was originally published as a standalone novella to go along with the 2010 MLB season and was later collected in the anthology The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which is how I ended up reading it. “The game was played hard in those days, Mr.King, with plenty of fuck-you.” It was difficult for me to understand all of the baseball jargon, as expected, and I was just bored out of…


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