• Paranormal Romance Book Reviews

    I Wish I Weren’t a Djinni

    I Wish I Weren’t a Djinni is your run of the mill genie story. A young man finds a lamp, he gets three wishes, and the djinni wishes to be free. It’s a pretty standard genie story that is very predictable but still manages to be sweet. There is a little humor as the genie tries to figure out 21st century life. After a while, though, it got a little tiring. “What happens to you once I make my third wish?” As a positive, for a young adult story with mild hints of romance, there was no instalove and I found that to be refreshing. The connection between James and…

  • Horror Book Reviews


    You know what one of the most un-fun things in the world is? Starving. Speaking as someone that found themself starving in a hospital and on watch for heart failure after losing a dangerous amount of weight in a matter of days, this book has become that much more terrifying to me after that experience. Billy, a scum bag lawyer ends up with a gypsy curse that leaves him withering away slowly after committing a heinous crime. Both body and mind begin to deteriorate at an alarming rate and Billy finds himself fighting for his life. He goes through all the series of emotions you would expect from someone after…

  • Horror Manga Reviews


    Shiver is a collection of Junji Ito’s personal picks for his best stories and I honestly have to agree. The one-shot’s chosen for this collection really are some of Ito’s all-time best. His commentary about his inspirations were a wonderful bonus and gives some insight into his creative process. “I just can’t shake the feeling that the puppets work us.” Old favorites from previous collections such as Glyceride and The Hanging Balloons make an appearance in this collection and I was happy to see them included, as they are ones that have really stuck with me since I read them. One of the Tomie stories was also included and it’s…

  • Horror Manga Reviews

    Fuan no Tane

    Fuan no Tane is a unique entry into the horror genre. The manga is comprised of a series of vignettes featuring regular people coming into contact with the paranormal. All of the stories are extremely short, some comprising of no more than two pages. The books are divided into small sections with a cluster of stories relating to a central theme. A few examples include invasion, being followed, and shadows spied from the corner of your eye. It is clear that the stories are based off of urban legends and local folklore and definitely have a very Japanese feel to them. Readers will have to keep this caveat in mind…

  • Graphic Novel Reviews

    Gothic Tales of Haunted Love

    When I first laid eyes on this collection I knew I had to read it. The cover is stunning and the idea of Gothic romance comics instantly caught my attention, being a fan of gothic literature in it’s various forms. It was a fast read and while I found a few spectacular comics in the collection I ended up feeling only lukewarm overall. Gothic Tales of Haunted Love seeks to revitalize an aging genre of literature while paying homage to the short-lived gothic romance comics of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Despite a variety of tropes that have become standard in the genre I feel that there is a lot more…


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