• Dystopia Book Reviews

    The Salt Line

    I think of all the books I picked up in 2017, The Salt Line was one of the most disappointing. What I had expected to get from the synopsis was very different than what was actually delivered, and I’m sure that played a huge part in my disappointment with the book. I honestly really struggled with this novel and ended up DNFing my ARC copy last year. The book is split into three parts and I quit at the end of the second part. I always felt guilty and wondered if I was missing out, so I picked the book back up from my library and decided to just give…

  • YA Dystopia Book Reviews

    The Maze Runner

    What a fun read, and I don’t say that very often. I read The Maze Runner after I had been in a slump for several months, burned out from reading so many books that I didn’t actually want to read for both school and from review requests. I picked up The Maze Runner on a whim and it reminded me of what I liked about reading, of the joy of immersing myself in a story and enjoying the ride. The book is a fairly standard set up for a young adult dystopia novel, a bunch of teens find themselves trapped in what seems like a game without a clue as…

  • Horror Book Reviews,  Short Story Collection Reviews

    The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

    The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is a large collection of novellas and short stories that include a wide variety of genres. Each time I turned the page to the next story it would be kind of a wild card and I never knew what to expect which was both good and bad. While it was nice that the variety keeps things fresh, it also made the collection feel disorganized. The stories in the anthology don’t fit any particular theme, instead they just seemed like odds and ends thrown into a master volume. This will probably not be a big deal to many, but for me it just broke the flow.…

  • Dystopia Book Reviews

    The Road

    Where to start with this book. Well, first I can say that The Road is my first Cormac McCarthy book and I’m deeply conflicted about it. I was immediately surprised and rather frustrated by his writing style. There is a part of me that wants to read his other books to see what the fuss is about, but the other part of me is honestly hesitant because of how miserable my reading experience was with The Road. It is one of the most horrifying books I’ve ever read, both for it’s content and for the blatant disregard of anything that makes a book great but especially syntax. The lack of…

  • Horror Book Reviews

    I Am Legend

    First and foremost, this isn’t a novel about vampires so much as it is a novel about loneliness. Robert Neville is isolated for years without any outside contact as the vampire hoard lurked outside his door. The shifts in his mood between apathy, anger, depression, desperate hope, and at times seeming madness and cruelty made his character feel real and believable. The chapter about the dog was so human it was painful. I thought that Neville’s exploration and experimentation in order to understand what the vampires were exactly and how the world was taken so swiftly was interesting. I appreciated the scientific elements that tried to explain well established tropes…


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