• Poetry Book Reviews

    In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive

    In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive is one of the most beautiful poetry collections that I’ve read in ages. I was drawn in from the first page and had a very hard time putting this book down. The author has a voice that is honest and skill with creating gorgeous prose. We talk about survival like it’s a thing that makes you stronger Like it is a lesson learned. As if it does not steal your truth fashion it into a killing machine.” The author tackles a lot of deeply personal subjects: surviving infidelity, dealing with manic depression, the gradual decline and death of a family member,…

  • Self Help Book Reviews

    The 5 Love Languages

    I picked this book up for a couple of reasons. One, I had first heard about this book in a Communications class while I was attending university and it is apparently widely referenced. It made me curious and I had made a mental note to check it out someday. Two, a year into my marriage with a long time friend I found myself miserable and feeling emotionally empty, so I put aside my pride and decided to seek help. Three, I just like taking personality quizzes and sharing them with friends, I think they’re really fun, so why not? While some of the advice given in the book sounds like…

  • Graphic Novel Reviews

    Little Moments of Love

    For those unfamiliar with Catana Comics, it’s a web comic about the artist and her relationship with her boyfriend. It’s another series that regularly makes its rounds on social media, which I imagine is where most people have seen it. “I zip-tied you to your chair, now you’ll have to take your pants off to escape! I’ll watch.” To say that this comic is sweet is an understatement. It is 100% relationship cheese that will be either #couplegoals or gag inducing depending on the audience. It’s clear that Catana and John are very much in love and they’re extremely cute together. The comics, like the art, are simple. The title…

  • Poetry Book Reviews

    Our Numbered Days

    If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing slam poetry or have never heard of Neil Hilborn before then I strongly urge you to check out some of his performances, particularly OCD and Joey. It will give you an idea of his voice and the strong emotional impact of his writing. “Love how you hate yourself sometimes, because goddamn, at least there’s still something to hate.” Our Numbered Days is a brilliant collection because it challenges readers to ask questions about themselves and take a look at their lives. Hilborn tackles some extremly heavy topics such as heartbreak, mental illness, depression, and suicide. Many of the poems are emotionally raw…

  • Josei Manga Reviews

    In Clothes Called Fat

    Noko is a binge-eater, she suffers from major depression due to crippling insecurity issues and the stress of being bullied at work. To cope with her depressive episodes she eats and eats and continues to eat until she can forget everything. As Noko’s binge eating spirals out of control so too does her weight, which makes her feel even more insecure about her body. Noko is trapped in a vicious cycle of shame over her body and gorging herself. She is emotionally dependent on her boyfriend, Saitou, who is manipulative and uses her. In order to solve her problems with other people Noko decides to lose weight, but in her…


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