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    You know what one of the most un-fun things in the world is? Starving. Speaking as someone that found themself starving in a hospital and on watch for heart failure after losing a dangerous amount of weight in a matter of days, this book has become that much more terrifying to me after that experience. Billy, a scum bag lawyer ends up with a gypsy curse that leaves him withering away slowly after committing a heinous crime. Both body and mind begin to deteriorate at an alarming rate and Billy finds himself fighting for his life. He goes through all the series of emotions you would expect from someone after…

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    Gwendy’s Button Box

    What a fast and fun little read, Gwendy’s Button Box takes a unique spin on the wish trope and the powerful burden of choice. Young Gwendy is presented with a mysterious gift, a button box with different colored buttons and levers, the functions of which are unknown. She is given ownership of this box by a mysterious man whose intentions are unclear and whose presence seems to haunt her everywhere she goes. Now the story is a little predictable, anyone that is familiar with the wish trope will know some of the themes that go along with it. It is also made immediately apparent who one of the main antagonists…

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    The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

    The Bazaar of Bad Dreams is a large collection of novellas and short stories that include a wide variety of genres. Each time I turned the page to the next story it would be kind of a wild card and I never knew what to expect which was both good and bad. While it was nice that the variety keeps things fresh, it also made the collection feel disorganized. The stories in the anthology don’t fit any particular theme, instead they just seemed like odds and ends thrown into a master volume. This will probably not be a big deal to many, but for me it just broke the flow.…

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    Blockade Billy

    I’ll be completely honest with you all: I know absolutely nothing about baseball and have never been a very big fan of watching sports. So then why would I read a novella about a topic I don’t care about? Blockade Billy was originally published as a standalone novella to go along with the 2010 MLB season and was later collected in the anthology The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which is how I ended up reading it. “The game was played hard in those days, Mr.King, with plenty of fuck-you.” It was difficult for me to understand all of the baseball jargon, as expected, and I was just bored out of…

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    Mile 81

    First of all, I need to make a note that for the purposes of this review, I shortened the synopsis above for this novella from what was provided on Amazon and other retailers. If you decide to read the book and you don’t want any spoilers I advise skipping reading the book description because it damn near summarizes the entire thing which honestly annoyed me. I really liked one of the concepts that is central to this book: the dangers of being a good Samaritan. Sounds absurd right? Everyone should try and be a good neighbor and help each other in need. My friends have stopped a few times to…


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