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    Blockade Billy

    I’ll be completely honest with you all: I know absolutely nothing about baseball and have never been a very big fan of watching sports. So then why would I read a novella about a topic I don’t care about? Blockade Billy was originally published as a standalone novella to go along with the 2010 MLB season and was later collected in the anthology The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which is how I ended up reading it. “The game was played hard in those days, Mr.King, with plenty of fuck-you.” It was difficult for me to understand all of the baseball jargon, as expected, and I was just bored out of…

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    I’ll come right out and say that this story was extremely gimmicky. King is very upfront about the fact that he was approached by a friend to write a story for Amazon to go with the launch of the second generation of Kindle ereaders. While I’m a fan of both Amazon and the Kindle, being a proud owner of a Kindle Oasis, this little marketing ploy made me roll my eyes. I can’t rag on King too much about it, the man has an incredible talent for writing and he can write whatever he damn well pleases. I just didn’t really dig this story despite how wonderful King’s writing is,…


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