• Horror Book Reviews

    Gwendy’s Button Box

    What a fast and fun little read, Gwendy’s Button Box takes a unique spin on the wish trope and the powerful burden of choice. Young Gwendy is presented with a mysterious gift, a button box with different colored buttons and levers, the functions of which are unknown. She is given ownership of this box by a mysterious man whose intentions are unclear and whose presence seems to haunt her everywhere she goes. Now the story is a little predictable, anyone that is familiar with the wish trope will know some of the themes that go along with it. It is also made immediately apparent who one of the main antagonists…

  • Horror Book Reviews

    The Perfect Nanny

    I really struggled to put my thoughts together on this book, partially because The Perfect Nanny was not what I had expected and one of the more unique stories I’ve ever read. I feel that it is mis-marketed as a mystery thriller when it was neither, to me this is a horror novel through and through. I think I would have liked this book better if I had known this beforehand. The plot is slow and very intense as a portrait of Louise is formed from the point of views of other characters and their interactions with her. It occurred to me after a time that the shifting narration was…

  • Japanese Thriller Book Reviews


    A teacher finds out that two of her students murdered her daughter and finds herself conflicted between her duty as a teacher and her despair and drive for revenge. This book even from the premise sounds insane and incredibly dark, doesn’t it? Confessions is the debut novel of Japanese crime writer Kanae Minato and is one of only two of her novels that have been translated to English. After reading and loving Penance I knew that I had to pick this book up. This was actually a really difficult book to write a review for because when I finished reading I was left speechless for good and bad reasons. It’s…

  • Thriller Book Reviews

    Lies She Told

    I have a serious issue with book descriptions that feel like they give away too much of the plot and it was definitely the case with this book. I had a feeling I knew how the book would go from reading the synopsis alone and I was fairly sure of my prediction not even halfway through the book. The story is extremely predictable, even with the author’s attempts to throw the reader off the trail, and that sort of ruins half the fun of reading a mystery novel. Even without reading the synopsis the story is still fairly easy to guess, but it might not be the case for everyone…

  • YA Contemporary Book Reviews

    Thirteen Reasons Why

    This is a difficult story to unpack and process. The book tackles suicide and a number of other incredibly heavy themes that are not easy to approach and talk about even though they are topics that do need to be talked about, and badly. I can’t decide if I liked or disliked the way that this book was formatted as a suspense novel. While the pacing and set up for the novel makes the book incredibly readable it has it’s flaws. On one end it’s good, it allows Hannah to talk about the different life events that impacted her and sent her spiraling into depression while simultaneously showing the effect…


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