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    Miao Dao

    Of the Dark Corners stories I’ve read so far I can tell already that Miao Dao will probably be my favorite and is by far one of the strongest entries in the series. I thought I knew what I was getting into when I picked this novella up – thinking it’d be a story about a supernatural killer cat, but what I got was so much more. To me there are two distinct schools of horror – those that are pure fantasy, usually monsters or some other form of paranormal activity; and then there is the kind of horror that is grounded in the real world, the type of every…

  • Horror Book Reviews


    You know what one of the most un-fun things in the world is? Starving. Speaking as someone that found themself starving in a hospital and on watch for heart failure after losing a dangerous amount of weight in a matter of days, this book has become that much more terrifying to me after that experience. Billy, a scum bag lawyer ends up with a gypsy curse that leaves him withering away slowly after committing a heinous crime. Both body and mind begin to deteriorate at an alarming rate and Billy finds himself fighting for his life. He goes through all the series of emotions you would expect from someone after…

  • Horror Book Reviews

    The Dead House

    The Dead House is a chilling ghost story about a young woman’s descent into madness as she’s swallowed up by the wild Irish countryside. The prose in this novel is absolutely beautiful and paints a stunning picture of a land that is unsettling, the countryside gives the impression of being stuck in time, still deeply connected to Celtic tradition. The land is haunted by the tragedy of the Great Famine, in which over a million people died of disease and starvation. When I had read that there was a ouija board in the synopsis I’ll admit that I rolled my eyes. I quickly found that I was mistaken in my…

  • Japanese Thriller Book Reviews


    A teacher finds out that two of her students murdered her daughter and finds herself conflicted between her duty as a teacher and her despair and drive for revenge. This book even from the premise sounds insane and incredibly dark, doesn’t it? Confessions is the debut novel of Japanese crime writer Kanae Minato and is one of only two of her novels that have been translated to English. After reading and loving Penance I knew that I had to pick this book up. This was actually a really difficult book to write a review for because when I finished reading I was left speechless for good and bad reasons. It’s…

  • Thriller Book Reviews

    Lies She Told

    I have a serious issue with book descriptions that feel like they give away too much of the plot and it was definitely the case with this book. I had a feeling I knew how the book would go from reading the synopsis alone and I was fairly sure of my prediction not even halfway through the book. The story is extremely predictable, even with the author’s attempts to throw the reader off the trail, and that sort of ruins half the fun of reading a mystery novel. Even without reading the synopsis the story is still fairly easy to guess, but it might not be the case for everyone…


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