• Paranormal Romance Book Reviews

    Storm Born

    Back in the day when I had a Nook Color, a friend of mine and I used to exchange books pretty often. I loved most of the books she loaned me, and so when I saw Storm Born pop up on my device I instantly accepted the loan without even thinking. After reading a chapter or two I thought to myself, “What the hell am I reading?” and finally looked up the synopsis to the book. I furrowed my brow wondering what I had gotten myself into. A kitsune and a bondage fairy? This is the kind of stuff that I would have been into over a decade ago. Not…

  • Historical Romance Book Reviews

    What To Do With A Duke

    When it comes to historical romance, I look for one of two things: one, a compelling love story with some scenes that make me blush and fan myself; or two, a light and fluffy clean romance, sometimes with a touch of humor. What I demand from all historical romances is for both the romance and the setting to be believable. I’ve started to wonder if my standards are too high. When I went into this book, with the cute cover and hints at a curse, I figured this one might fall on the fluffy side of the spectrum (the cat on the cover may have influenced this assumption). I was…

  • Thriller Book Reviews

    Dangerous Behavior

    I didn’t know that this book was a romantic suspense going in and I was surprised when I started reading. I could almost tag this book as a straight up romance given how much time is dedicated to Sam and Jules’ love story. While the romance could be a good hook for some I personally just found it distracting and kind of eye roll worthy. Sam and Jules were high school sweethearts, Sam cheats, and after getting dumped Jules finds her way into the arms of his brother, who took care of her through her family troubles. The book spends an inordinate amount of time on Sam’s miserable love life…


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