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The First Will Be Poetic

On the surface, The First Will Be Poetic appeared to be a pretty standard young adult story about prom and teen sex. What made this short stand out however is an added element of the paranormal.

Victoria has plans for her “first time” and spends the night worrying about her date. She feels uncomfortable with the idle banter of her sisters and other girls around her while telling herself that her first time will be perfect, magical even. The social pressure and fear about sex were well written and did a fairly good job discussing a sensitive and important issue for many teenage girls today.

“My first time will be perfect.”

There is some drama with an old friend and rumors flying around about her date and long-time crush, Brett. The reader is only given brief snippets that seem a little bit muddled and suggest some troubling things that I felt could have been fleshed out better. I had some issues with Brett since his characterization didn’t seem all that consistent with his actions in the story. Some of these issues could be resolved either with a little more time spent developing the story and characters, or by simply cutting out some of the half formed side drama.

In general this story was pretty good. I liked the inclusion of myth in a modern setting. This is my very first short story by Cherita Smith and my interest has been piqued, so I’ll definitely be looking into some of her other work.

Title: The First Will Be Poetic
Author: Cherita Smith
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 2017
Pages: 40
Format: Ebook
Source: Free / Mailing List
Now out of Print

Victoria Singer wants her prom night to be magical. She’s going with her longtime crush, Brett Tyler, and she’s decided that he will be her first. She’s all set to get her wish, too — until an old frenemy appears, dredging up dark secrets that could have Victoria singing a woeful tune by the night’s end.

But Victoria is nothing if not determined. Her first will be poetic… the way justice often is.

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