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The Sleep Tight Motel

I had a hard time deciding how I felt about this novel and whether or not I really liked it. It had it’s good points, some decent characters, and a somewhat unexpected romance. However, despite being listed as a suspense story I didn’t actually find this story to be all that suspenseful. The characters were too one dimensional, they were either all good or all bad and the direction of the story can be guessed fairly quickly.

The main issue I took with the story was the comparisons between nice guy and bad boy relationships. The main character’s best friend is an obvious mirror, and she sees her friend’s relationship as normal and safe. Meanwhile she fell for the dark and dangerous man who enthralled her with money and taboo sex. I really can’t stand when books seem to blur the lines between kinky sex with violent relational abuse.

“Maybe not him, the man he actually was, but the man I thought he was. We cling to our ideas of people, don’t we?”

The other thing that bothered me about this story was that it was essentially a watered down version of Psycho. A secluded motel with a lonely and charming owner, a woman on the run, trouble with money and a boyfriend… Honestly the story elements that were lifted are pretty blatant. It might have been okay if it wasn’t so alike, to me at least.

If I were to consider the story by itself it would still only be mediocre. I kept waiting for the story to get scary, or for there to be some twist with the motel but there really wasn’t. I honestly wanted more from this story and was left pretty underwhelmed.

Title: The Sleep Tight Motel
Series: Dark Corners Collection #2
Author: Lisa Unger
Publisher: Amazon Original Stories
Publication Date: September 27, 2018
Pages: 48
Format: Ebook
Source: Prime Reading

A woman on the run finds refuge in a motel at the edge of the woods, with plenty of vacancies. Check in for the night with New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger.

Eve has a fake ID, a .38, and a violent lover receding in the rearview mirror. He’ll never find her at the isolated motel, and its kindly manager is happy to ease her fears. But if Eve is the only guest, whom does she keep hearing on the other side of the wall? Eve won’t get a good night’s rest until she finds out.

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