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The Unique Blogger Award

I was nominated by Stephen over at Stephen Writes so a huge thank you to him! Stephen writes thoughtful discussion pieces and wonderfully in-depth reviews, so definitely check out his blog.


• Display the award
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1. What is your favourite thing about being a book blogger and why?
Besides the opportunity to connect with other readers I think what I enjoy most about blogging is that it’s a major creative outlet for me. I’ve always enjoyed art in various forms, from drawing both on paper and digitally, and most especially building websites and setting up ambitious projects for myself. Through blogging I have also come to have a deep love of writing, even if it’s a silly book review, as I have always had difficulty expressing myself orally. Writing has also given me a chance to keep my analytical skills sharp, there is nothing I like more than watching analysis videos of literature and popular media and so it’s fun to write about the things that I take away from the books that I read.

2. Is there a book genre that you would read more?
I seem to have made it a habit to relentlessly read a different genre every year. Last year it was thrillers, this year it has been contemporary poetry, I can’t explain how I decide on these things or why these moods strike me. For what I would like to read more of, and I may switch gears later this year to pursue it, is older science fiction and fantasy. Both are genres I’ve always loved but have never read extensively, and there are many prolific writers that I have yet to read like Douglas Adams, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Frank Herbert. It’s difficult enough to keep up with more contemporary authors, so it’s easy to feel inundated with books that I must read because of how loved they are.

3. Which book have you enjoyed the most this year and why?
Oh this is a difficult one as I still have so many books I am excited to read this year. It feels like the year is still just getting started and then I have to slap myself that it’s already May and we’re already almost halfway through the year. Thus far though, if I had to pick one, it would be Heart Berries by Terese Marie Mailhot. I have the review scheduled for later this month, but I will say right now that her writing is magnetic and one of the finest examples of prose poetry I’ve ever read. Heart Berries was brutal and introspective, not simply a linear story about the author’s experiences. It is a book that I’ve already been recommending to several friends and I look forward to reading more books by Mailhot in the future.

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My Questions

1. What is one 2018 release that you are anticipating reading?
2. If you could choose one book that you want more of your fellow bloggers to read, what would that one book be and why?
3. What author or book first got you into reading and how do you view that author or book today? Have your feelings changed?


  1. I love your answers, Jamie. Like you, I find that I express myself better and more naturally through writing, and I have come to totally love writing as a result of that.

    Great work with reading a lot of poetry – it is definitely something I could read more!

    1. Thank you Stephen, I’m glad that someone can relate and it’s not just me being silly haha.

      It’s funny, I didn’t used to like poetry much when I was younger, partially because I thought that they tended to be flowery or difficult to understand. I was going through a hard time for the last couple of months and had hit a major reading slump, and poetry between being short, easy to digest, and more personal and meditative, it’s been the medicine I’ve needed to pick reading back up again and feel better. 🙂

  2. Evelina

    I would actually love to read more scifi 🙂 I love the genre, but good scifis are also not the easiest to find, so I end up reading more of everything else than scifi. Oh, and agreed about Heart Berries! It was SUCH a strong book. Did your review already come out? I sooooo want to read it. If I don’t you should just tell me to read it 😀
    Thank you for tagging me! I actually don’t have any anticipated 2018 books cause despite being a book blogger, I never know what’s going on and what’s coming out xDDD as for the book I’d have everyone read… It would definitely be An Unkindness of Ghosts! So very good, emotional, diverse and just perfect, everything about it <3 and I have no idea what author got me into reading – I actually don't remember myself not reading. I have always been reading. Mom fostered reading in me since I was a baby. The earliest books I read were picture books, and I never really stopped 🙂

    1. That’s wonderful of your mom to do! I’ve tried to do the same with my eldest daughter though some of the passion she held for reading has gone away once it was pushed so hard for a grade at school.

      I was similar when I was growing up, I struggled with English since it was my second language, but in my pre-teen years I fell in love with Anne Rice’s vampires and started to read anything that I could.

      Heart Berries review will go up at the end of the month. 🙂 I meant to post it sooner, but I had ARC reviews I wanted to post close to or on release dates. The review is already on Goodreads though!

      You bring up a good point about good sci fi being hard to find, there is so many (same with high fantasy) that it is overwhelming, and I end up reading other things.

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