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The Universe Inside Me

This was an interesting piece of weird fiction about a man that finds that he has a universe growing inside him – quite literally. He is given six months to live and spends his final months pondering the life that he had built, the limits of time, and the endlessness of love.

“I read a theory once, that time isn’t infinite. Like all things, it too will die. Time and reality is like an old clock and with every passing second, it’s calmly winding down. As it does, everything in existence will slow down and eventually stop, leaving us frozen in place forever.”

It is a short and sad piece with a little bit of Song’s signature humor thrown in. Even in a short amount of pages Song is able to create characters that have personality. It’s a pleasant and short read that you shouldn’t think too deeply on.

Title: The Universe Inside Me
Author: Kieran Song
Publisher: Beyond Infinity Publications
Publication Date:
Pages: 12
Format: Ebook
Source: Free (here)

Being a hypochondriac, Curtis’ greatest fear is cancer — testicular, colon, prostate, lung, pancreas — it’s all awful.

The diagnosis he receives is one he never anticipates: there’s a blossoming Universe incubating inside his body.

With the responsibilities of creating a new existence, Curtis must say goodbye to the current life he knows. Is he ready?

The answer is no.

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