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Top Five Favorite Booktubers

So I’ve been watching a whole lot of BookTube the last couple of months and I thought it’d be fun to do a recommendations list for you all. I watch a variety of channels that cover various genres and a mix between the really big and small time BookTubers. There are a lot that I really enjoy and so it was difficult to choose just five, so I may end up doing a part two list someday in the future. With each mention on the list I’ll give a brief description of the channel, what I like about it, and give a list of videos that I recommend checking out to get a feel for the content.

The list is in alphabetical order and not in any kind of hierarchical order. All of these channels are favorites and if you’re interested in any of them click the channel pictures to get to their channels!

A Clockword Reader

We’re starting off with the biggest BookTuber on the list and that is A Clockwork Reader. On the channel you can find a wide variety of content, from book reviews, tags, book recommendations, book hauls, unboxings, readathon and bookcon vlogs, reading wrap ups and tbrs, and even a few author interviews! Hannah is well read and delivers clear and concise reviews and recommendations that are always good.

Her videos have really great visual and audio quality and are easy to read or listen to while writing. While she primarily covers popular YA (both fantasy and contemporary) she also edges over to some adult novels as well.

Videos to Watch: Adult Books for YA Readers, Unpopular Opinions Book Tag Round 2, 20 Lessons I’ve Learned From Harry Potter!

Book Roast

If I were to be honest, I think that Book Roast is the channel that I watch the most. G is a booktuber from Scotland that has been around for almost a year now. G is always really energetic and cheerful and is always cracking jokes. Her channel is loaded with book tags, unboxings, spoiler-free reviews, favorites lists, some personal vlogs, and a variety of other content. She’s even recently started a series of Hogwarts House inspired makeup tutorials! There are new videos regularly with around a dozen or so a month so there are plenty of videos to watch. Her channel is fun and happy and definitely one of the best BookTube channels out there right now.

G also runs a small book club on Goodreads and YouTube called Book In A Jar that seems to be active, which is nice that she reads and interacts with her viewers.

Videos to Watch: Raven Boys Review & Chat, Box Battle: OwlCrate vs Nerdy Book Worm Box, Harry Potter House Make-Up Look: Ravenclaw

Brandon The Book Addict

This is a booktuber that I actually wished would put more content out because he’s just so funny! Brandon only puts out a video or two a month but when he does they’re always full of laughs, he is unafraid of being completely silly in his videos. He does a lot of book recommendation videos, lists of books he loved and hated, reading wrap ups, book tags, vlogs, and the occasional unboxing.

Brandon’s channel has been around for two years so there’s a good amount of backlogged videos for you all to enjoy while waiting for his next upload. If there isn’t enough BookTube content for you then Brandon is actually a very active reviewer on Goodreads. He reads a lot of popular YA books but also a lot of mystery thrillers as well, which is a nice change of pace compared to the over saturation of YA fantasy and contemporary romance on BookTube.

Videos to Watch: Books I Regret Buying, UK Books I Own, Spring Book Recommendations

Kat’s Book End

Kat is a brand new booktuber and her channel is only a few months old but she’s been steadily gaining subscribers and for good reason! She puts out a lot of videos consistently with a wonderful variety of content. She does book talks, unboxings, book hauls, book tags, and full reviews (beware of spoilers!) that are great for discussion for those that are reading or have read the books. She also discusses other media forms such as movies and television shows.

The reason her channel is one of my favorites are because of her book selections. She’s a horror lover like me and she tends to read a lot of older or more obscure books. She is honest with her opinions whether they’re good or bad and it’s refreshing to hear some honesty rather than hype. It’s a good channel for those that prefer to evade superficial feeling videos with tons of promotions, constant editing cuts and annoying music – things that are present in many BookTube channels nowadays. Kat’s channel is straight up discussion and feels more personal in comparison.

Videos to Watch: July Wrap-Up 2017, Unpopular Opinions Tag + Stephen King Rant, Is Horror The “Outcast” Of Fiction?

Richard’s Book Nook

Another channel focused a little more on horror but not strictly, Richard’s channel is filled to the brim with discussion of books, movies, and other media. He does monthly unboxings, reading wrap ups, top 5 lists, book hauls, vlogs, writing discussions, and other silly and fun videos. For fans of book subscription boxes his videos are some of the best out there, you get genuine reactions that are so funny and endearing.

There’s also a good amount of variety on his channel in the types of books he reads as he is not focused on YA in particular, but also reads both adult and middle grade books. His channel is over 4 years old so there is a plethora of content to watch.

Richard is also the author of several middle grade and young adult horror novels that I’ve yet to read but will be checking out in the future.

Videos to Watch: Books That Everyone Loves That I Hate Part 2, Favorite First Lines, Nocturnal Readers Box Unboxing June 2017

What are some of your favorite booktube channels?
Let me know in the comment section below!



  1. I love lists like this. I don’t watch youtube videos like these often, but I love seeing lists like this so I know where to start, and not bored/frustrated quickly. I think I tend to stay away from book blogs because most are for Romance, Fantasy, YA, etc. It isn’t like I stay away from them, but I tend to like very specific fiction, or I read non-fiction. Even with non-fiction I find myself cringing at best sellers (they always repeat themselves!) Oh but if you are looking for a graphic novel review site that does more than just superheros and mangas I would recommend Good Bad Ok. I like the variety of manga, mainstream, and indie comics that he recommends. But his reviews are LOOOONG so be warned. I usually browse his best of lists at the end of the year.

    Awhile ago I wanted to make a YouTube review channel with my husband on classic movies. I couldn’t find one (there were some NEW movie review channels, and that’s not my thing) But at the time I don’t think my husband understood YouTube that much. Now we don’t have time to watch movies XD

    1. I’m with you on having specific tastes, it took me a while to find book blogs I actually enjoyed reading. I’ve picked up a few YA books since I started blogging and have been pleasantly surprised by a few. Non fiction is definitely not covered often enough on Book Blogs and BookTube though.

      I’ve started enjoying BookTube of late though as just something to listen to while I’m doing other things. Some videos can be really funny and have good book recs. 🙂

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