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Top Five Most Anticipated 2018 Reads

With the new year comes a bunch of brand new 2018 releases to be excited for! I know that pretty much every book blogger is putting these sorts of posts up now and I figured ought to take a look at my TBR and share my picks as well.

Grey Sister

Not only my number one most anticipated book of the year, this may even be my most anticipated book period because I would wait years to read this if I had to. Grey Sister is the follow up to Mark Lawrence’s spectacular Red Sister, a fantasy novel that I absolutely fell in love with last spring. I loved everything about the world building and magic system in the first book and haven’t been able to get the story or characters out of my head since.

Normally I’m really picky when it comes to book series and don’t usually continue after the first book but Red Sister can easily become one of my all-time favorites depending on how the rest of the trilogy goes. If you haven’t read it and you like fantasy and magic, do yourself a favorite and pick up the first book because it is phenomenal.

A Girl Like That

I had almost skipped over this book because I’m not a very big fan of YA contemporary but the cover and synopsis really caught my attention. Set in Saudi Arabia, the story is about a girl with a seriously bad reputation ends up dead in a car crash, and as the mystery around the crash is pieced together so too is her life.

I like the idea of examining public versus private life and how different the events of a person’s life can be from multiple points of view.

Baby Teeth

I’ve been on a serious thriller binge since last year and it has definitely become one of my new favorite genres. Baby Teeth sounds much different than the run of the mill abduction or murder mystery thriller by centering in on a toxic family dynamic.

Baby Teeth centers on two characters, a mother and her daughter. Suzette is a mother that worries about her troubled young daughter Hanna. Suzette’s husband doesn’t seem to notice or acknowledge the unusual family dynamics as Hanna’s pranks seem to get worse and worse. Hanna on the other hand worships the ground that her father walks on and views her mother as being in the way.

This could unfortunately be a case of the synopsis giving away far too much about the novel and spoiling most of the plot, I’m really hoping it’s not the case but it happens sometimes.

Girls Burn Brighter

Another debut work, Girls Burn Brighter is an incendiary novel about the dark underbelly of India. Two girls become close friends and are driven apart by one cruel act. One of the girls stops at nothing to find the other and it is a journey that takes her from India to the United States.

This book deals with several extremely difficult topics faced by women today, including domestic abuse and human trafficking. This one is definitely high on my watch list and sounds like it’ll be a cry fest.

Children of Blood and Bone

This is the one young adult novel that I am looking forward to the most, a dark fantasy about a world where magic has been all but eradicated by a ruthless king. Zélie is left alone struggling with her own magical powers and finds herself hunted by the crown prince.

Early reviews have already said that it is an extremely detailed world and I am incredibly excited to find a new fantasy world that I can fall in love with. It is an own voices novel inspired by West African mythology, so this is definitely a debut novel to keep an eye on this year.

What are some popular books that you’re looking forward to reading this year?
Are there any books on the list that you’re interested in?
Or others you think I should check out?
Let me know in the comment section below!
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  1. Wow! YA is getting really diverse! It is kind-of funny since I am reading The Magicians, and I wanted to read it because I am watching the series and heard they changed a lot from the books. But right away it becomes clear that the book is very white and full of males. It is interesting to see how the show tries to diversify it. Things are a changing. I might have to put some of these on my to read list, I need some easy reads.

    Otherwise the most recent book I am excited about reading is Vacationland by John Hodgeman. I started to read it, but I had to return it to the library. I’m such a slow reader.

    1. Oh yeah YA has really been expanding and diversity was a really huge topic last year. I’ve been loving that there are some more stories being published that really shine a spotlight on minorities or foreign places, it’s been really refreshing and I’ve been getting more into YA lit because of it.

      I haven’t read or watched The Magicians but I heard good things about it, I’ll definitely need to check it out soon.

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