Uppercase – August 2017 Unboxing

Uppercase Box is a monthly YA book subscription box that comes with one new release hardcover book, 1-2 bookish items, and access to some exclusive online content. Each box goes for $23 a month plus shipping, or you can choose a book only plan for $17 a month (currently marked down to $14 but it is listed as a limited offer). The book only plan still comes with the online content, it just leaves out the extra items.

To find out more, you can check them out at www.uppercasebox.com.

So.. what’s in the box?

The Goodies

Golden Compass Bookmarks

WOW. These are beautiful. I was stunned when I pulled them out of the bag because there was not one but FIVE bookmarks all with different scenes from The Golden Compass. The bookmarks are made of a thicker paper material that is still floppy but are not easily bent. This is my favorite item in the box and I am honestly SO happy to have them because I had actually been shopping for some more paper bookmarks.

The only concern that I have is that the bookmarks are quite large, they are taller than the average size of a book. Even for a large hardcover they stick out just the tiniest bit. I fear that the bookmarks might be crushed and get bent if placed in a bag, but for a book that I keep at home on my nightstand they should be just fine.

Bibliophile Bracelet

I love this bracelet, I used to wear adjustable silver bracelets all the time when I was a teenager and teen me would have screamed for this bracelet. It’s too bad that I’m allergic to it. The bracelet is made of stainless steel, which is fine for most folks but not so much for someone like me that has a really bad nickel allergy. On the list of safe metals stainless steel comes into the middle category to be cautious about, meaning that it can be hit or miss. I gave it a test run and wore it around my wrist for about five minutes and the reaction was immediate. It’s a shame because this is totally a bracelet that I would rock. All is not lost though, I’ve stored it in the box it came in and will likely either gift it or include it in a giveaway in the future.

Sadly for me, this inclusion was a serious negative for the box given that there are many hypoallergenic metals out there that could have been chosen instead.

To learn more about nickel allergies and the types of metals that are or are not safe, I highly recommend checking out this website.

The Book

Everything All At Once by Katrina Leno

I had guessed this book after seeing an email with the hint that the chosen book would be about “the importance of telling stories.” This book was actually already on my wishlist and so I’m very happy that I guessed correctly when I ordered this month’s box! This sounds like a contemporary story that I could really get into so I’m definitely looking forward to reading it this upcoming month.

The book is also signed and came with a matching sticky note pad which I’ve already been using to take notes on books I’m reading. Mega bonus!

Part mysterious adventure, part love letter to the power of books, this is a brilliantly woven novel about loving, reading, writing, grieving, and finding the strength to take a leap.

Lottie Reaves is not a risk taker. But she’s about to take a leap into the unknown…

When Lottie’s beloved Aunt Helen dies of cancer, it upends her careful, quiet life.

Aunt Helen wasn’t a typical aunt. She was the world-famous author of the bestselling Alvin Hatter series. She knew a thing or two about the magic of writing, and how words have the power to make you see things differently.

In her will, Aunt Helen leaves Lottie a series of letters—each containing mysterious instructions. As Lottie sets about following them, she realizes they’re meant to make her take a risk, and, for once in her life, really live. But when the letters reveal an extraordinary secret about her aunt’s past—and the inspiration for the Alvin Hatter series—Lottie finds herself faced with an impossible choice, one that will force her to confront her greatest fears once and for all.


Exclusive Content

So with every box Uppercase includes a large bookmark with a series of page numbers and codes that give readers access to exclusive content including book discussions, author notes, and video interviews. I took a glance at the content (without spoiling it for myself) with the codes and it appears to be the real deal. I found two author notes, a video interview, and two discussion questions with comments from fellow subscribers.

I think that the inclusion of the online content is a nice touch that makes Uppercase really stand out. I like the extra exclusive content from the authors which really adds to the overall book experience. As I read the book I will be going back to the coded pages to enjoy the content the way it was meant to be enjoyed, but I wanted to talk about it here because I found it to be a major bonus to the subscription experience.

Box Review

Box Value
If I were to purchase these sorts of items from a regular retailer I would guess the overall box value for this month at around $40. You definitely get your money’s worth from this box, especially considering the exclusive online content.

Are these items I’d buy?
Yes and no. I loved the bookmarks and would totally buy them, but sadly not the bracelet because of my dreadful skin allergies. I think that I just got seriously unlucky this month running into a piece of jewelry that I’m allergic to. From looking at previous boxes it seems that jewelry isn’t a regular inclusion which is a relief to me.

Also this may sound silly but I actually really like the little drawstring bag that the items come packaged in. I have already started using it to store my bookmarks and a few other little bookish goodies from book boxes and it is definitely a nice item for organization.

Would I order again?
Yes. The price tag on the Uppercase box, to me, is perfect and I like that most of the items are usable. Uppercase does not do themes but does occasional email hints, which makes ordering a box a real gamble as to what genre you’re going to get. For me, the only downside is that I don’t read a lot of YA contemporary, so boxes may be a little hit or miss with me.

Final Thoughts
My experience with my first Uppercase box has been fair. Being allergic to one of the goodies is a serious buzzkill and makes me worry a little about future inclusions. I’m very happy with the book selection and the other items that came in the box so I’d gladly order again and can comfortably recommend this box for it’s value.

The price point for Uppercase is perfect and very reasonable. I feel like most boxes that come from subscription companies are a little expensive and I’m more likely to do single box purchases every once in a while rather than a regular monthly subscription. Uppercase on the other hand has the right pricing that I could probably warrant a subscription for a few months. Many book boxes are pricey and come with a ton of items, some of them maybe not as useful as others, which is where I think Uppercase shines. You get the right amount of bookish items and a book in a well priced box.

A big highlight is the online content, which I didn’t think I’d be that into but I was pleasantly surprised. There was also a handwritten note from the curator about what they liked about the book, which I think is an extremely nice touch and makes this subscription service a little more personal knowing that the curator has actually read and selected this book.

The quality of this box is undeniable and I feel that it’s one of the best YA book subscription boxes out there. I see a lot of duplicates out there as many book box services tend to pick the same books, but Uppercase has a really good variety of genres that this is not an issue for them all that often.

Also a random gushy side note, Uppercase apparently really liked the photos I took for this box and actually uses my photo on their website showcasing Past Boxes. FANGIRL SQUEAL.

How did you like this month’s box?
Are you interested in Uppercase or Book Boxes in general?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Liz

    The drawstring tote bag is so cute! I also love the bookmarks—this box seems pretty cool!

    Seems like one to add to my list of subscription boxes to try out when I get around to it. 😉 (Despite the non-hypoallergenic meta bracelet, of course.)

    1. It’s definitely a good subscription box I’m really happy with it even with my allergy woes. This is definitely one that I think you’d enjoy out of all the other ones we’ve discussed!

  2. That’s too bad about the bracelet- I also have some metal allergies that leave odd marks on my skin. One thing that did work for one of the pendants I was mildly allergic to was painting it with clear nail polish. I never wore it for very long, though.

    I haven’t yet subscribed to one of these boxes yet (not even a dog toy one!) but I’ve always been tempted. Of course, with my Better World Books habit I do buy an approximately $20 box of books every other month or so. I love the bookish stuff they put in with yours- if you look in stores, a lot of it is overpriced at $5+ a bookmark, etc. I guess that’s why I keep ordering from Book Depository. 🙂
    ~Litha Nelle

  3. The prices in real stores is crazy overpriced, I always order physical books online if I don’t just buy the ebook. You definitely get more value online. 🙂

    I love the idea of book boxes since what I get is a total surprise, and I love the goodies that they include. I want to try out other services eventually when I have the funds to treat myself. 🙂 Also the pet boxes are so awesome, I want to try one out when I can eventually get a new place and a cat. <3

    That's a nice idea with the clear nail polish, it makes sense, I'll have to keep that in mind.

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