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Silent Hill Books

The Silent Hill book series are Japanese only and have no official English translation. A fan translation by Emily Fitch, otherwise known as Lady Ducky, is available online for free here.

I noticed that the link for a kindle version of the translation on her website was down. A quick search at different websites yielded the same results. Since I feel more comfortable reading books on my ereader rather than on my computer, I decided to take it upon myself to format the work myself for my own reading pleasure.

These files are clear and in plain text and the accompanying video game images that were on Ducky's blog pages have been removed so that it may be read like a regular chapter book.

Silent Hill 2: The Novel

Trading Card Games
.pdf adobe reader, kindle, nook, kobo
.mobi kindle, kobo

Copyright for Silent Hill and the novelization belong to their respective owners. English translation credit belongs to Lady Ducky. I do not claim to own any of the works above.